A Bittersweet time!

I have never been good with goodbyes!

 I tend to either avoid the moment or become a basket case. I find it hard to reach that healthy balance. Going into our last week with the women, I intentionally wanted to live in each moment and not think forward to the next day or Sunday when we have to say goodbye. Many times when I leave someone, or they leave me I become emotional days before so when the day comes I can put on my big girl panties and hold it together. However it is good to not completely fall apart it is also good to mourn when it is time to mourn. I have realized that feeling those emotions should come in the moment of goodbye. I knew that this was going to be a challenge for me; however I am very happy the way I handled it and would not change my actions. Our team wanted this week to be all about the girls and ways we can serve them and show our appreciation.
I thought that the tears would come Saturday night as we talk about what we have learned from the girls and what they have learned from the last two months. However as my feet were being washed tonight, a precious woman, Sela, began to cry as she prayed over me. Hearing her get choked up on her words meant so much to me!! Let me give you the scene. Our leader washed our feet at training camp the night before we left for our journey to Cambodia. We wanted to mimic that moment with the women. We read them the story of Jesus washing the disciple’s feet and how he was encouraging them and displaying God’s love. We set up four basins, the ones we wash dishes and clothes with, and in front of each basin there would be one of us washing feet and behind the woman would be another team member praying over her. We did this until each woman had their feet washed, then unexpectedly our team was placed in the chairs and was blessed with a washing of the feet. It still amazes me that these women, even when we are serving them they still want to serve us any way they can. The scene soon became a place of tears, and sadness. Although we hoped to avoid this too soon, their tears turned into laughter when they saw videos of themselves. The fact that their tears were genuine, and came from their heart blew me away!!  I know that tomorrow and Sunday morning will be very difficult to handle, but I pray that God would remind them of the truth that were not saying goodbye forever. We will see them in Heaven, and be able to speak the same language and communicate without a translator!! J Let that truth fill them with joy, as it will for me.
Things I will miss about Cambodia:

  • Calling everyone “Sista”
  • Saying “Aw Koon” and “Minita” on a daily basis
  • Washing dishes with the women
  • Bible study twice a day
  • Having my hair and make up done each week
  • The amazing hugs received from each woman
  • My “Cray Cray” Sista
  • The Tuk Tuk rides
  • Tela- our place for some  what American food
  • The creativity of every member of our team
  • Learning Khmer songs each day, and improving my vocabulary
  • The bamboo platforms and swings
  • Sleepovers in the English room, dancing ten times to traditional Cambodian dances, being laughed at when I say something wrong, Cambodia Idol, the constant photos and videos, talent show, English Class

Things I will not miss about Cambodia:

  • Receiving numerous mosquito bites each day
  • Waking up at 6:30 am each morning
  • Eating rice for every meal, and craving it as a snack
  • The random “treats” the girls pick from trees or make for us
  • Their idea of dessert
  • Spraying bug spray on multiple times a day
  • Washing clothes in basins
  • The rain storms at 3:30pm each day
  • Squatty potty
  • Bathing with a bucket bath
  • Warm water, and the smell of my Nalgene
  • Mosquito nets
  • Always sweating and having dirty feet

“No place I’d rather be, no place I’d rather be, no place I’d rather be
Here in your love, here in your love.
Set a fire down in my soul that I can’t contain that I can’t control,
I want more of you God, I want more of you God.”
God at training camp we screamed that you would come to Cambodia and tell the people that we are coming!! You went before us, and have impacted these beautiful women.  As our times come to a close my heart is heavy with images and lives to pray for. I know that it is all in your mighty hands and you have a future planned for them that they could never imagine. “God let them know how much you love them, and that you think they are a prized possession whom you run after. They ARE beautiful no matter what society tells them! Show yourself to these women and continue to stir in their hearts as they seek you and deepen their relationships.”
So many people made it possible for me to come on this trip and I want to thank you for your support! I hope that these blogs have been a small glimpse of my experiences here in Cambodia and what God has been doing through my life and our team. Your prayer has been truly a blessing, and I hope the prayer would continue.
Much love from Kampong Chnang!


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