A new look at contentment!

      Being content doesn't necessarly have to be a negative thing. As I was thinking about this weeks blog, with the fact that we only have one week left in Kampong Chnang, a developing topic came to mind. We may never see the fruit from this ministry, but that does not mean it is not there. I am beginning to learn to be content with whatever the finished product is.
     I think I can speak for my team and I that during our stay we have been frustrated one way or another. Through the language, level of interest, and teaching English our stay has not always been easy. Something I learned early on is that the women here interact with us but have a difficult time talking about their lives. I knew that this would be an obstacle Satan would use to discourage us, but it just takes gentel questioning always accompinied by open ears. Although we want to know the women's storie, there is a reason we are in their present and not their past. Someting I have found difficult is coming into a community with a new schedule and having the women answer to the bell when it is ringed. I am all supportive of their sewing and cosmotology classes, but that makes our time with the women shorter. God has taught me to treasure each moment I have with these women, and to fit my schedule around theirs. Who am I to disrupt their lives. You never know how long you may have with them. There have been numerous comings and goings without any straingt anwer why. Treasure our time!! When I heard that our team would be teaching English I was worried because English is not m best subject. However it has been a very rewarding experience. I have come frustrated with my own language and how difficult it is to speak and teach. The women have been improving so much depending on the level they are at in English. During class it can become easy to get frustrated on the pronucation of words or how to sound something out. I know that I will be content with our work with the women. I can honestly say so far our team has been following Gods plan of our ministry. 
     Our progress with the women, looking back, is exactly what God has intended. Although we may never trully know the seeds that are planted, I believe God is at work and continue to do a great work in their lives. I have high hopes for these woments futures and their growth in Christ. 

Much love from Kampong Chnang!!!

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