A Servant’s Heart

Well my last post was right before we arrived in Kampong Chnang and God has done so much in my life and in the environment between the girls and our team.  From the first day it was so easy to join in the lives of the weomen. A huge blessing to have are the children of some of the girls and around ten orphans who have stolen my heart each in a unique way. God is beginning to use each member of our team to work in the lives of these weomen and children. My favorite thing to see is the smile across their faces and when they laugh at us!! I can definitley say that I love these precious people and God has me exactly where he wants me. It is so easy to focus only on teaching the girls and trying to catch a nap, and forget about my personal time with Christ. So each day I have to fight for time, and fight against my desires. A huge lesson that I have learned this past week with the weomen and children is what a servats heart truly is. I thought that we would be coming into their home and teaching them so much, however God has shown me that they are the ones teaching us. Yes we are teaching them English( which they are learning so well), but they are the ones who serve us. We have a lady that cooks for everyone every meal. She seriously cooks all day long!! We also have precious boys like Bqsa who always finds our water bottles and gives them to the correct person. We have ladies who clean our bathrooms and spray bug killer when we are screaming over huge spiders or beatles. These ladies in their own way are teaching me how to geniunly serve with a joyful heart. I pray that God gives me opportunites to serve each of these weomen as we begin to strengthen our relationships. Lord allow these weomen to open up to us as we begin to share our stories with them. I thank God for bringing a special young girl around five who is so joyful and precious to me. Our team is beginning to pray that these orphans are given moms and dads who will love them and care for them. The other day we were given around three hours to just sit and talk to God. Like God does alot, he spoke to me through worship and reminded me of my passion for Human Trafficking at the Passion Conference. I pray that that will never go away and that God would continue to stir in my heart. "This is my heart cry, though none go with me, the cross before me, the world behind me….No turning back." I continue to pray that these weomen find their joy in Christ and know that through his love and mercy they will always be free in Him. He is their ultimate comforter and provider!!

Please conitnue to pray for our team as we do what God calls us to do! Though times will be tough, through Christ anything is possible.

Much love from Kampong Chnang!

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