a variety of scrambled thoughts….or eggs. mmmm.

Greetings friends, family, and countrymen. 

This week I was going to write a blog about all the things I will miss when we leave Cambodia.  But once I started I realized that topic entailed becoming ridiculously emotional and possibly refusing to board the plane come next week.  So, in the interest of delaying balling my eyes out and not wasting a plane ticket, I decided I would stick with talking about time here in a slightly more passive and fondly memorable manner.    

First off, I still haven’t gotten over the fact that all the women here address me as “Teacher Ansley”.  Even the ones who are considerably older than me. (With the exception of one ridiculously funny girl who always refers to me as her “pillow” because when we hug, I am so much taller than her that her head always rests on my……chest.  So when we embrace each other she’ll bounce her head up and down a few times and say, “you my squishy pillow”.  Did I mention she’s 32 years old? Love it.)  But getting back to the point, the fact that each lady calls me “teacher” is really a perfect reflection of their beautifully eager and diligent minds.  They love to learn.  And it is such a joy teaching them.  (If you haven’t noticed, I am content on continuing to use present-tense when speaking of things here so as to further avoid the fact that I am leaving tomorrow to register in my head). 

Through our teaching times I have been realizing the power of enablement.  I of course knew in my head that “the best way to help people is to allow them to help themselves”.  But watching that idea play out these past two months has been both exciting and humbling.  Being able to actually see their confidence level steadily increase with each English lesson and watching them start to walk around with more assured steps—I have no words to describe the joy.  I have stated it over and over: these women are beautiful.  These women are talented.  These women are tender-hearted.  But for they themselves to actually start believing these thing instills a sense of self-confidence that works as a tidal wave effect. 

Once they begin to see that they are created for a purpose and in the image of God, the freedom to dream without limits is released.  Then the freedom to take action steps and become equipped falls into place.  Then the message of hope and value is spread– furthering God’s kingdom.  And then the world is changed.  

Simple as that.

This blog didn't really turn out how I was thinking…but my mind is all over the place these last few days as we prepare to say goodbye.  Pray for these goodbyes please. 

Be home in a week y’all.

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