Amongst the Cow Manure

I am not a runner. My bestie from back in the States, now she’s a runner. Me, though? Not so much. But here in Cambodia, many of us have made a point to try and go on a few runs a week. These runs are not only a chance to explore the areas around where we live, but also to get away from some of the noise of living with twelve boys and droves of children who come for classes each day.

            Earlier this week, I went on one of these runs. It was a rare occasion, running by myself to “the coconuts” (aka the restaurant up the street that we frequent for iced coffee, coconut water, and gasoline for the tuk tuk). The stretch from the school we live at to said restaurant isn’t very long, so I found myself running back and forth, back and forth along the same length of road. This dirt road takes you past fields of dry grass and skinny white cows. These cows own this road, it’s far more theirs than mine. They often claim it by blocking the path entirely. And also by doing what cows do best: making manure piles. Most likely, these piles are right where you’re about to take your next step. And so I found myself on this road, dodging and weaving the piles, running amongst the cow manure. It was on this road, mid-lap 5, that I heard the Lord. Now, this wasn’t quite the audible voice of God (although, Lord, if you ever wanna give me that, I will receive it wholeheartedly), but He caught my attention and I was ready to listen.

            The Lord spoke sweetly and gave me an analogy that really illuminated where I was at that day and the journey I’ve been on for a while. And more than anything, I was struck by the kindness of His willingness to speak. He doesn’t have to speak to us, but He chooses to. He’s been speaking so much in this place. Not just to me, but to every person on our team. How kind of the God of the Universe, to speak to us truths about who we are, about the identity of the boys we live with, about visions for the future of the place we’re living and this nation as a whole.

            God is moving here. He is speaking and we are listening. Our God is living and active, and is being found all over the place. Even amongst the cow manure, our God is here. And we can’t wait for the next 8 weeks to see what He has in store.

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