Anciently Awesome!

Hi guys!
I just want to give y’all some highlights of this past week. It was busy and amazing. I’m in awe of God and SO thankful for His gracious and guiding hand in my life. Enjoy the pictures of Siem Reap below!
Much love—


**Seeing elephants, monkeys, GIANT trees and ancient temples (aka a wonder of the world!) in Siem Reap!

Song of Songs 8:6

**Ministering at the abandoned railroad station again! Praying truth and grace over all of the children and teens as I painted their precious faces.

Psalm 103

**Having a new student tell me, “I want to ask you a question. Can you explain to me that Jesus is the Son of God and Jesus is God?” Yes! FINALLY am getting to share the Gospel with students who are seriously seeking Jesus!

Romans 8:15

**Getting to go out at night and pray over Battambang, brothels, gay-clubs and smiling at prostitutes. So much love to give. So much love is needed here. I could feel the angels walking with me the whole night and I could see the walls that Satan has built around these brothels crumbling down.

Isaiah 40

**Hearing the Lord send me affirmation after affirmation about what my next step is in life! It’s too sensitive to put on a public blog but trust me, it’s AWESOME! I’m psyched. 🙂

Keep praying for team unity, no sickness, and for the Gospel to be spread and received!

[Angkor Wat at sunrise. It's an ancient temple and a wonder of the world!]

[Kerina and I rockin' Angkor Wat!]

[Oh ya know, just another giant three-headed ancient stone drive through arch. No biggie. Haha.]

[I LOVE TREES!!! That's little me on the right!]

["Look Frodo, an oliephant!" A real live Asian oliephant! Next time, I'll ride it!]

[Did I mention that I LOVE trees? Seriously cool. 🙂 ]

[A random beautiful little girl struck a pose for me. So cute!]

[Ancient tree growing ontop of an ancient temple, which is anciently awesome!]

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