Apologies Part I

Hello! I apologize for there being a lack of my blogging, I have been unsuccessful in posting because the internet doesn't like me 🙁 So I'll be posting my blogs from the past couple of weeks.

October 1st:
This week has been hard. It’s a holiday here in Cambodia for this week, so we’ve had a almost a week off from our main ministry. Which means I’ve had lots of time to think. I’m missing home a little bit, it’s hard to see my teammates on our internet days skyping with people from home and I’m stuck with lame facebook and emailing. But God is good, and I’m praying I get to see someone’s face from home soon.

 This week we went to an orphanage. The place was flooded because of all the rain going on. It was so great to hang out with the few kids that were there during the holiday. They have their own farm going on the back, with pigs, chickens, and cute puppies. We also had a team day this week, where we spent the day as a team and family and just kind of chilled out. It’s good to have days like that. Another day we went to Rapha House, an aftercare centre and safe house, specifically for the worst of the worst cases of rescued victims of sex trafficking. They are out in the country side, so the atmosphere is so calm there. We only spent about fifteen minutes there, but they gave us some great information on how they’re organized, and how they work with International Justice Mission. Rapha House is based out of the U.S.A. as well. They are literally booked solid for the first two weeks of October, but they have graciously allowed us to come in the third week and spend some time with the girls.

There were only two or three that were at the centre at the time we went because everyone else had ‘gone home’ for the holiday. The couple of girls we got to spend time were so sweet and affectionate, I received quite a few hugs, kisses on the cheek and holding hands.

After seeing how Rapha House is doing, I was so completely humbled to realize that we are exactly where we’re supposed to be, with TransformAsia. Rapha House is strictly rescued victims of sex trafficking, whereas TransformAsia has their doors wide open if anyone needs shelter; hence the orphaned boys staying there. Yes, TransformAsia is just getting started, we are needed there. We are supposed to be there. But I’m so glad that we’re blessed to be at TransformAsia. God is doing great things there, and by them opening their doors to more than just trafficking victims, they are enabling the Holy Spirit to do even greater things, greater than what the awesome things they’re doing now. And by having a hand in teaching English to the women and boys there, we help solidify them getting a job, so that they don’t have to resort to sex trafficking. 
So, since it was a holiday, we did get to spend a day with the few left at the centre (some weren’t able to go home because of the flooding). We all went swimming! It was a rushing river with some amazing rocks and calm spots of water. It was so much fun, hanging out in the water.

While there, there were some homelss children begging for food. They watched us while we ate. It was so hard to look them in the eye, because your natural instinct is to ignore them because they might have lice, and if you give them food they’ll just stick around until you give them more. Fleshly ways, man. Not cool. But after getting over it, I wanted to give one of them an extra Nature Valley bar I had on me, but by that time Perum had dragged me away to go take pictures of the ‘statues’ around the area. That boy loves to be in front of the camera. Seriously. Anyways, after we got back, there was a girl with here little brother hanging around, so I was able to give them my extra nature valley bar. And of course, vanity reared its ugly head and whispered the word ‘lice’ in my ear. But Jesus said let the little children come to me. So I got to braid the girl’s hair and call her beautiful in Khmer, and with the amazing help of our translator, Seang, I was able to talk to her a little bit. Can I just stop a minute and brag on Seang? That guy is hilarious. He’s pretty much already a part of our misfit family. Anyways, I realized afterwards, that that might be the only time someone is nice to her. That might be the only chance she sees Jesus. That hit hard.

On the way home, Perum fell asleep on my shoulder. I might just adopt that boy and take him home with me. I also realized how hard it will be to leave him when the time comes to leave Battambang and go on to Phnom Penh. That hit hard too.

I am also falling more in love with my team. I have learned what true community looks like with these women of God. I almost don’t want to go home, as much as I miss it.
Oh, and I made a video! Except it takes a million years to upload, so I probably will have to wait until next Saturday 🙁
Also, we have to renew our visas on Monday so please pray that everything will go smoothly so we can stay here for the remainder of our ministry.

Love from Cambodia!

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