Apologies Part II – Video

Please read my previous blog to know why this is from a week ago 🙂

October 7th:

I finally got my September video uploaded! So enjoy and I’m sorry it’s a wee bit long 🙂
This will also be my update for the week:

This week was pretty normal, we taught English to some kids, whose father is Buddhist, and we’ve been sneaking in some bible lessons into the hour and a half we have with them. They’re loving it.

But honestly, this week God’s just been growing me. A lot. I am now six feet tall.

But seriously, I’ve just learned to rest in God’s promises for the future, even though I don’t know anything yet. Seeing my teammates grow too has been so great. And I have some news. We are moving. Again. We’ve grown all we can with just two of us to each room, so we’re moving to another hotel, with four of us to a room. It’s time to get uncomfortable and grow some more.

And I got to skype with my grandma this morning! So awesome. I’m so excited to see her face next Saturday, along with my Auntie Nathalie. I’m going to hug them so hard when I see them at Christmas.

That’s it for now! Mucho love from Battambang!

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