Baptism Video: Fulfilling The Great Commission

Hey, thank you guys for all your support and prayers! The last weeks of Oct have been amazing and God has shown up in so manys. This week's blog will be a video clip of a baptism that I was able to assist the center's youth pastor, Sothea, in performing. The girl, Strapow, is one of the girls that I mentioned in a previous blog that accepted Christ when I first came to Battambang and shared the story of the gospel. It has been amazing to see her growth and her desire to know the Lord. I am honored to be a part of this baptism, and it will be something I hold in my heart forever. –If for some reason you can not see the video please let me know so that I can fix it! Thanks! Also thank you all for the B-day wishes! Turning 23 today has been amazing and im so glad i could do it here in Battambang with my 13 sister's in Christ!( I will post pics later)

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