We have arrived in Cambodia! So glad we’re finally here.

After a few days off in Phnom Penh, we took a five hour bus ride to Battambang, a smaller city where our ministry site, TransformAsia, is located at. I love it here. My team is wonderful. The time adjustment was fairly easy on me, we’re all going to bed super early, like 7 or 8pm early, and waking up just as early, just like Cambodians. It’s crazy how easily we’ve adjusted, God is good 🙂

When we first arrived in Phnom Penh, our contact met us at the airport. His name is Sothea, he’s a youth pastor and workswith TransformAsia, the organization we’ll be working with. He is absolutely thrilled we’re here, he’s got one of those smiles that lights up a room. Sothea is currently in the hospital, he had surgery a couple of weeks ago, and he had to go in again because his body reacted to some food we ate. Please pray for him.
We got to ride tuk tuks right away! From the airport to a daycare where we stayed for two nights. There were some critters around the place, like a lizard and a cockroach. I named the cockroach Ralph. He stayed out of my way, which I was happy about. There are critters every where here, I’ve grown accustomed to it already, which is good 🙂

Yesterday, we arrived here in Battambag and were taken to our ministry site to meet some of the girls and have a tour of the centre. The girls are so sweet, it’s crazy to think someone could intentionally hurt them every day, several times a day. I can’t wait to form friendships with them, they are amazing children of the King.

Oh and we found out what our second ministry is, if I haven’t written it here already, here it is. We will be at an orphanage in Phnom Penh for our last month. I’m so stoked. I love children.

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