We're at Ming's…also known (well, to me!) as The Treehouse which is our new home in Battambang!  I'm swinging in the blue hammock, unshowered, sporting a Cambodian headband and eating peanutbutter on white bread.  🙂  Today and tomorrow are our days off before we start ministry at Transform Asia Monday morning!  I feel good here!

Yesterday we took the 6 hour bus ride to Battambang, filled with the resounding sounds of bad Khmai karaoke, Rambo dubbed over in Kmai, and some cop show with lots of screaming…which was very confusing to wake up to! 🙂

It also rained here for the first time since our arrival!  The way the water brought the colors of the countryside to life was beautiful.  All the fields became a bright, lush green an deven the people going about their work seemed more peaceful.  After the bus reached the depot and our bags were unloaded, tuk-tuk's drove us to Transform Asia.  The center is located on a country road through greenery and dirt roads.  We had a little adventure on the dirt roads because of the mud, as our tuk-tuk's got stuck and we tried not to tip them, then just hopped out and walked the last minute or two to the center.  We had a fun time with this 🙂

Here are a few things I've learned about Cambodian culture:
– They refer to themselves and language as Khmai, not Cambodian.
– Men's bodies are seen as functional, whereas women's bodies are seen as sexual.
– It's not weird to see a guy wearing a towel around his waist as clothing.  Yet, women are always wearing long pants and usually long sleeved shirts, sometimes jackets over them.  Usually thing's mid-westerners wear in November.
– People go to bed around 8, and get up early!
– People bow with hands in a praying position to each other.
– People drive motor scooters.  And when I say people, I mean everyone.  You also can pack a family of four on…including baby!
– Everyone does life life squatty-potty style without toilet paper.  Instead, spray yourself off with a hose!

More to come after ministry starts Monday! 🙂


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