cambodia has ramen?

Yep.  Technically it’s not called “Ramen Noodles”, but, there’s this fascinating pre-packaged over-seasoned noodly substance that we eat here for breakfast sometimes.  And it tastes pretty darn similar to the beloved 25 cent college staple we all know from home.  Oh Ramen. 

And sitting here at the breakfast table, my hands clutching chop sticks that put up a most heroic struggle against my steaming bowl of broth and noodles which in turn makes my face steamy and sweaty, I am filled with bittersweet emotions.  I think fondly of college—my dear friends, my awesome social work classes, and the many times I have eaten Ramen in bed as I studied late into the night for an 8 AM exam.  I miss that and I am excited to be able to go back to school come August.  And then I look around the table I am currently sitting at.  Five of the most beautiful women I have ever met surround me.  They are smiling, trying to hide their giggles as they watch me struggle to eat my noodles with the appropriate utensils.  Never in my life have I met individuals with such hearts of servitude as these precious women around me.  Never have I met a group of people that make it so easy to love.  And then I think to myself, there is no place I’d rather be than right here…and I never want to leave. 

Woah, did I really just think that?  Haha. Golly gee, this is awesome!

So excited for the couple more week we have here– for more time to teach, learn, play, and have ridiculously funny late-night “Khmer/English morphed together” conversations.  I know when the time comes to say goodbye—although it may be painful, it will be peaceful.  But it has really stirred my heart and amazed me this week that I don’t want to leave.  I never anticipated feeling this way.  And I love it.

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