Choum Reap Lia, Battambang!

When it was time to say goodbye to all my friends and family back home two and a half months ago, I remember saying (and being told), "It'll be over before you know it." Now, I have to admit I was quite skeptical about that part… Over before I know it? Yea. Right. Back then, I thought three and a half months away from home was a lifetime. And yet, when it came time to board the bus yesterday and move to Phnom Pehn, I had to wonder, "Where did the last couple months go?" I will miss Battambang and all the people we met there, but I feel so much peace in Phnom Pehn. (Which, if you've ever been here, you know peace is about as abundant as snow is in Redwood City.) In this hustle and bustle, fast-paced city, I feel at home. I'm excited to start ministry on Wednessday, but I will never forget all the great things that happened in Battambang.

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