Christ the Cornerstone

Christ the Cornerstone…
Eph2:14 “For Christ himself is our peace who made both groups into one and broke down the barrier of the dividing wall ..”
The first full week of ministry in Battambang Cambodia has been incredibly powerful! God is constantly overwhelming me with his perfect truths about how he feels about his children and all of his creation. He reminds me that he is a beautiful and mighty warrior fighting for his love to be known by his daughters of Cambodia. God started our week with us attending a Sunday morning church service with the girls who had been trafficked. I was apprehensive entering into my first day of ministry. A thousand and one questions entered my mind of what the girls would be like, are they already saved, have they ever seen a black person (lol). But that anxiety was quickly put to ease as I look over and saw 19 Cambodian girls starring at us with excitement and curiosity in their eyes. They whispered and giggled amongst themselves as we took our seats across the aisle from them. When I turned to face them, their faces turned bright red and they quickly shyed away from eye contact (how cute). When service started it only got better, as the song “Shout to the Lord” started to play. The girls began to sing in their language (Khmai) and we joined singing in English. I BEGAN TO WEEP! To know that they are singing praises to the same God of the bible I serve melted me in ways that I cannot express! The verse Phil 2:10-12 “so that at the name of Jesus every knee will bow of those who are in heaven and on earth and under the earth …every tongue will confess that Jesus Christ is Lord, to the glory of God the Father"… just flooded my heart and I was remind once more of the POWER and GRACE OF CALVARY !

This was a wonderful way to being the first week of ministry. Later that week we were able to get to know the girls who once hid behind their shy glances and girlish giggles! These 19 girls ranged from the ages of 5-30 and all are truly a blessing to get to know. Three girls specifically Ming Lee , Chow Chin, and Betsy (lol) have in some way tugged at my heart.

Ming Lee( to the left) is the leader of the pack and is head strong. You can tell that she has had some tuff days in her 15 years of life. She is beautiful but I’m not sure if she has accepted Christ as Savoir of her life. So please pray that her heart will be soften to understanding and experience the power Jesus grace and mercy in her life if she has not already.

Betsy like Ming Lee has no parents or living siblings. We immediately bonded as she blessed me with her broken English with the title “My Sistah”. Oh how precious it is to her say that to me. She is a meek and very bashful girl but you can still tell there are untold stories of her life that she is dying to confide in someone. So for her please pray for us to have an opportunity to reinforce the Gospel in her life and that our language barriers can decrease so that we can fellowship even deeper.

Last but not lest Chow Chin is the girl who has really made my heart leap for joy! This is an amazing story of how God used me as his vessel to enter her in his Kingdom! This story will be on my next week blog so please keep supporting me with you prayers and encouraging words of love and wisdom!
Also please pray for my strength physically and spiritually next week we are said to have a full and trying work ahead of us.

Quick Fact:Cambodia is an economically poor country that people live off literally a dollar a day. They are 98 % Budhist and had a gruesome genocide in the 70’s which substantially contributed to their current welfare as a third world country.

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