Demanding Results

This past week was a Cambodian holiday. Everyone that is able to leaves their schools and jobs and returns to their villages and families for the week. Due to the holiday, most of the girls at TransformAsia left the center, and our classes were postponed until next week. So this week, instead of teaching English and Bible classes, we visited an orphanage and a place called Rapha House, which is a home for girls who have been rescued out of the most intense sex-trafficking cases. Rapha House provides these girls with a home, trade training, counseling, lawyers, and resources they will need to establish a healthy future. All of us in our ministry group were quite amazed at the things Rapha is doing, and we’re excited to visit them again. It inspired us to give our all in helping TransformAsia, which is a young ministry without many resources; this makes it perfect for us to make a kind of difference that we couldn’t make as effectively in a larger, more established organization that already has the help and support that TransformAsia is lacking but working toward.

This week we have also decided, as a group and as individuals, to be more intentional in our prayers. We are expecting God to do great things here in Cambodia, and some things only come by prayer and fasting. A couple times a week, some girls who feel led by the Spirit to do so will be walking the streets in a constant state of prayer declaring God’s truth over the city of Battambang, and some of the other girls will stay back in a room in a constant state of prayer over the girls who are out. We also held our first 24-hour prayer session this week. In 24-hour prayer, we literally pray in shifts individually or in pairs for 24 hours straight in order for our team to be in a constant state of prayer and spiritual strength.

Like I said, we are believing God for some HUGE things. We desire to see the Spirit of God miraculously encounter people in Cambodia, even as they go on conducting their daily activities. I believe that we carry the Spirit of God with us, and in that we have spiritual authority here, which we are walking in and placing a demand on the power of God. We believe in the prayer of Faith, and we are expecting results in this nation. Please be in agreement with us.


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