Diving Into Bottomless Waters!

Hi guys!

What a week! This past week was a holiday for Cambodia so my team and I didn’t teach at the center and instead got to visit and experience some other local ministries and have some amazing and stretching “team time.” The first ministry we visited was a small and poor orphanage run by an amazing older couple. There were about eight kids and teenagers there and we had a blast playing games with them and getting them to laugh and smile. Pray for God to miraculously provide for them and pray that they would come to know and love God as Father. Pictures are below!

(The orphanage is basically in the middle of a pond during the flood season.)

(Even the playground is temporarily converted to a pond.)

(This little boy broke my heart because he didn't smile all day….

…until the very end!)

The second ministry we visited is called RAPHA and is an international ministry under American Rehabilitation Ministries, or ARM for short. RAPHA is an incredibly professional, well-rounded and Christ-centered ministry that focuses on the rehabilitation and restoration of girls who have been sex-trafficked and/or have been involved in prostitution. The director is Dear Sourm and he is an amazing man of God who has the kindest, most smiling eyes I have ever seen! The Spirit is so evident in him! The girls are usually rescued by IJM (the International Justice Mission—another phenomenal organization!) and then they live at the main center for up to two years and receive counseling, English lessons, and schooling in agriculture, hair dressing or sewing. They also learn how to live a more normal life again, have house moms and also have lawyers who help them receive justice from their pimps and sometimes from their families. It’s intense. RAPHA stays with the girls and women and partners with them for up to 6 years to ensure that these women really do receive restoration and to ensure that they become well-grounded in a local community. We met two of the girls living at the center and they just clung onto some members of the team and just loved to be loved. It was beautiful and heartbreaking to see. Dear Sourm has asked for prayer—so, pray for him to continue to be a wise and godly leader, for RAPHA to continue to flourish and be blessed and for the girls to be restored in every way they can—mind, heart, body and soul.

THEN…here’s where the story really gets crazy and my blog title will make more sense to you…THEN, two of my precious teammates, Hailey and Hannah, felt God telling them to go out into Battambang that night—just to pray for the city and to observe whatever God wanted them to see. Before they went out, we all laid hands on them and I had the Spirit majorly working in me so I prayed over them and specifically asked for God to send His angels to protect them. Well, that night Hailey and Hannah went to a bar/brothel and upon their arrival, two men who were at the door practically ran away from them and split into two directions. They were not seen any more after that. Hailey and Hannah didn’t know why they men suddenly ran and split but later that night God gave another precious teammate, Courtney, a vision of what happened: Those two men ran and split because behind Hailey and Hannah were standing two giant angels! Each dressed in white, extremely tall and broad and each holding a sword. Those men at the brothel ran in fear from God’s angels who were powerfully protecting my dear sisters. And those angels were there because God answered my prayers that I prayed over Hailey and Hannah earlier that night! Ah! I’m still in awe and so, so thankful to God for His protection, for His Spirit’s power at work in and through me and for His answer to prayer! (Pray that those men would be forever changed by what they saw and pray for their salvation!)

I’m learning that there is a whole new world that is opened when I do not limit God. God is so good and so powerful and He desires His people to not only know Him but also to experience Him. I’ve experienced God in more powerful ways this week than I ever have in my entire life, and I’ve had some legit experiences before (feel free to ask if you’re interested). I am just SO EXCITED to have jumped off this cliff of faith and to be diving into the bottomless waters of God’s love, power, Spirit. I cannot wait to see how He will use me and my team to intersect the reality of His Kingdom coming down and intersecting with the everyday world around us. Heaven and earth are supposed to intersect and it’s supposed to be a powerful thing and we Christians are supposed to be His agents in bringing the Kingdom to earth. It is an honor and a joy. Such joy!

Questions or comments? Feel free to post below or to email me!

Much love,

P.S. This week my team and I rode the “Bamboo Train”—possibly one of the shadiest methods of transportation I’ve ever taken. Haha. Enjoy the pictures below from this great adventure! 

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