don ich mo’way?

"don ich mo'way?"

that is the definite incorrect spelling of a phrase we have pronounced definitly incorrectly seemingly hundreds of times since landing in this beautiful and hot country. "what is your name?" 

despite the hardships of a language barrier, that phrase has opened the door to many meaningful and impactful relationships we have been able to form in our first week here at the New Development Center. 

The people here are so beautiful. Getting to share life with them is becoming one of my favorite parts.  Whether is is learning from an energetic 12 year old boy the proper way to hold a poisonous scorpion so it will not attack you or dancing and giggling in the rain with women my own age who wear the horrors of their past by the scars on their faces.  I am reminded daily how the power of love–Love that is given freely to us so we can in turn pour it out on others– transcends languages, past hurts, and present suffering.  It can redeem, restore, and remake the deepest and darkest parts of our lives.  It puts the orphans in homes and grants the captive freedom. 

and Love will always conquer.