"So if the Son sets you FREE, you will indeed be FREE." John 8:36

After dinner last night, we all met in Elle and Kendall's room just to talk about our day and the general shedule for the upcoming week. We were also told to pray and make a list of the lies we so often hear and ,unfortunately, so often believe about ourselves. Satan HATES what we are doing here and Who we are here for. The enemy will use any lie or twist any truth into something that only leads us on the path straight to that poison tree that tempted Eve all those centuries ago. I believe that there is healing in sharing some of these lies. In sharing, the enemy loses all hold on us, and he absolutely hates that. Here are a few that topped MY list:

1) I will never be truly loved by God or man because I am dirty and broken.

2) My problems are a burden to others, and I am alone in my suffering.

3) My storms are too big for God, and my daily struggles are too small.

After we took some time to share what we had written, we were then told to pray to God. We were to listen to the truths He so explicitly tells us in His Word. I grew up in a Christian home, and I could have easily written a long list of all the things I knew God said about… who? Other people? Me? I could not bring myself to write anything. I was living in this lie and I wasn't sure I really believed God heard little me. Then (I really could not make this up if I tried…) my hand started moving and I realized I was writing… God took control and has really put this on my heart to share with you all: "Look at what you've been through and look and what you are doing now. You are strong in ME. If you were as weak as you believe you are, you would have jumped in front of that train. I am Good and I took the time to create every hair on your head and every cell in your body. How dare you doubt ME? I LOVE YOU! Why do you think i made you go to Cambodia? I saw this moment. I saw the impact not only you would have on the people here, but just look at the change going on in your own heart. Look at the people I have carefully planned and placed around you. I have seen their struggles and I have seen their triumph. They are here because I have seen and still see the battles in your own heart. Why do you continue to doubt ME? Do you see your hand moving right now? Does THIS show you how powerful I am? Does THIS show you how important YOU are to ME, that I would see that list you just tore out of your notebook, that I would take over and have you physically write MY promises so you could not just dismiss what happened here tonight?! You are FREE! Only through ME, you are set FREE!"


"Sin is no longer your master, for you are no longer subject to the law, which enslaves you to sin. Instead, you are FREE by God's grace." Romans 6:14

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