Fruit of His Spirit

What a beautiful week I've had in so many aspects: seeing the Gospel bear fruit in a room of students who 2 weeks ago had never heard it, personal growth, and sweet time building friendships with my team mates.

I was going to write brief summary of what's been happening in our English classroom during Bible study time, but after reading Erin's blog I find no need.  She gives a beautiful depiction of the sweet moments that have happened in our classroom.  I believe that this is an example of the momentum that our team has felt building over the past two weeks.  So read her post! 🙂  

In terms of Gods ministry to me, He made his Word come alive in so many unexpected ways this week.  Reading through Joshua, God revealed more truth about who I am and who He made me to be.  He brought to life the truth of what it means to be fully made new, and brought to light parallels in the New Testament of how Jesus desirse us to live out this newness.  This is extremely appropriate, as one of the unofficial mission statements of our team is "Restore as if nothing was taken".  We must internalize the truth of this in our own lives in order to genuinely pour the same truth into others.

This coming week we'll be taking the reigns and starting a community outreach of sorts.  We have the freedom to brainstorm ideas of what we'd like to do, which is simultaneously frightening and liberating.  It's great in the sense that we can carry out out desires to push ourselves even more in ministry, but frightening because now the ball is in our court.  And….we don't speak Khmai 🙂  All in all, I'm looking forward to seeing what creative ideas our team generates!  Hopefully we'll have some interesting stories about just that next week! 

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