Giving Huah A Bath

Earlier this week I was sitting in our morning devotion and the little boy Huah who normally hangs out at the center came and sat on my lap. I was unpleasantly surprised by the stench of Urine when he sat on my lap. Huah is a typical dirty boy, always playing in the dirt and running around but that day was different, no kidding he smelt like straight urine. We decided that he needed a bath so my teammate Sarah and I got a towel and some Shampoo and then I picked him up and we headed for the shower area. Little Huah took his shirt off then being a modest mouse refused to take his pants off until I shut the door which was pretty cute but that cuteness soon vanished. After he took his pants off he proceeded to pee everywhere, kinda gross but super funny! Then we cleaned him up and washed his hair. After that I wrapped a towel around this precious boy and went to see if we had some clean clothes for him. We dressed him in clean clothes and he was very excited. After that we gave him a little car because he was so good. Huah was happy to be clean and to have a new toy!

 My first impression of Huah was a few Sundays ago, he was sitting in front of me in church and he was picking his nose and eating it. It was nasty! But those feelings disappeared quickly as I got to know him. I have loved loving on this little boy in the past few weeks. When we first met him he was crazy and would constantly vie for our attention. After being here for a few weeks he has realized that he doesn’t have to be loud and crazy to get our love. He has calmed down completely in the last few weeks and behaves so well. The transformation in this 4 year old boy is amazing.

Earlier this week my teammate took Huah to the doctor for an ear infection. They got him medicine and then gave it to his parents. I was excited that they got him medicine but was upset when I found out that it is likely that his parents will sell the medicine instead of giving it to Him like parents should. Honestly, it ticked me off. It killed me that this boy who I have learned to loves, parents would sell medicine that their child needs. I guess all I can do now is continue to love on Huah until we leave on Saturday and pray that His family will receive Jesus in their lives and give Huah the love he needs.

I love this little boy and I would take him home with me if I could. It breaks my heart that he doesn't receive all the love that he should. It is great that his family takes care of him but I just wish they did more then that.

I am going to miss Huah so much, he makes me laugh and smile and it is going to be very sad to leave him. With one week left here I am going to love on this boy as much as I can and pray that His family will find Jesus and understand the true love of Christ.  I want Huah to grow up knowing the Lord and it makes my day when he sings the song "Jesus Loves Me" with me. Huah will always have a place in my heart and I will never forget this little boy.

The transformation in Huah has shown me how much of a difference simply loving someone like Christ would can make in their lives and how it can change their actions.

Only 1 more week in Battambang and 5 more weeks in Cambodia!
Much Love

P.S: Recommitted my life to Christ this week through baptism! So stoked to go home and carry out the Lords plan for me! I am ready for whatever God has for me!!!

Here are a few pics of my little monkey Huah, and I 🙂

Post Bathtime

Me, Huah, & Sarah


I would love nothing more then to take him home with me.

Watching the girls cook rice