Green Creme and Other Things to Know Before You go to Cambodia

1. Matt Damon in “We Bought A Zoo” said to his son when he wanted to talk to a girl that, “sometimes all you need is 20 seconds of insane courage.” You have to just go for it sometimes. 

2. “Green Creme” is the Fanta of choice. Flavor: well see about that in a couple of days. 

3. Average age of a Cambodian is 21. The generation above them does not exist. It was completely wiped out by the Khmer Rouge. 

4. You have to make the choice between what is RIGHT and what is EASY. 

5. Being obedient is more important than being eloquent. 

6. Jimmy, camp director, defined expectations as, “an unvoiced desire, goal or need that I believe will be met in a certain way at a certain time.” While It is impossible to not have any expectations, I’ve learned that having healthy expectations will result in a better outcome. 

7. Most often, negative emotions are broken expectations. 

8. Of anything, most people are looking for hope. 

9. Don’t ever touch a Cambodian on the head. When asking someone to “come here,” the proper way to gesture is palm down gesturing towards yourself. 

10. When God speaks, life happens. When you set yourself on fire, people love to see you burn. 

We’ve been at Camp since Friday and are eagerly awaiting our flight tomorrow in the evening. We have bonded so much as a team– I can’t wait to go!!

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