Home Sweet Battambang

Hello Friends!

Just writing to let you know about what is happening in Cambodia. On Wednesday the 7th we arrived in the capital city of Phnom Penh. I got the first day to take in the smells, heat, and scenary of Cambodia. We spent two days in Phnom Penh then hopped on a bus for 5 hours to a city called Battambang. Battambang is going to be my home for the next two months and I am stoked! While in Battambang we are working with a organization called TransformAsia. TransformAsia has a trade school in Battambang where they take in girls who have been trafficked or are at risk of being trafficked. For our first few days we just took some time getting to know the girls, the kids in the neighborhood, playing games, and cleaning up the area that we are going to be. Starting on Tuesday we will be teaching English classes and music classes. Although now I realize how much a challenge teaching English is going to be, I am excited for the challenge that God has given me because I love to teach. We have also been given an opportunity to do daily devotions with the girls in the center and everyone is going to be given an opportunity to preach a sermon on a Sunday. God is going to stretch me far and wide through this and I am looking forward to that. I am really loving the girls and children at the center and I am looking forward to getting to know them better! We are treated so well at the center and I feel very spoiled and lucky to be here!

I am falling in love with Battambang and I am going to be very sad to leave the center but I am very excited for our next ministry! For our last month we are going to be returning to Phnom Penh to work with an orphanage called New Hope. Although it is going to be a short amount of time there I am excited to be able to love on these kids! I love kids and when I found out we are going to be working with children I lit up! I am so thankful that God is not only giving me the privilege of working with the girls who have been rescued from trafficking but to help with prevention because prevention is SO important!

So that’s what we have been doing and what our future in Cambodia looks like but more than that God is really working in me and my team. Throughout the last two weeks God is really showing me who he is and how great he is. While I have been in Cambodia, I have been learning to really listen to God and listen to what he is saying to me and being able to speak truth into others. It has been amazing how much God is growing me and I am truly blown away by God and how big he is. God continues to surprise me everyday and show me his love, grace, and his passion for us to grow in him. Although I miss home, I am starting to feel at home here in Battambang and it is going to be sad to leave.
Keep up the prayers, and I will update you again next week!

Love you Guys!

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