First, I want to apologize to my supporters back home for the delay of my blogs. Many of you already know the reason for this delay and I ask that you continue to pray for me. This blog is for the week of Sept. 19-25. Please look out for other blogs that will be posted throughout the week.
Proverbs 3:5-6
“Trust in the LORD with all your heart, And do not lean on your own understanding. In all your ways acknowledge Him, And He will make your paths straight.”
                    This week of ministry at the “Transform Asia Center” started off with a HUMBLING experience.  The girl Betsy that I wrote about in my last blog, who captured my heart when she bestowed me with the endearing title of  “My Sistah”, decided to leave the safety of the center to be a waitress at a bar in Thailand.  When I heard of her decision, my initial reaction was confusion, frustration, and heartbreak.  It was only the start of my second full week of ministry, but I knew this would be one of those situations in which the Lord would use to discipline and prune me of my own selfish thoughts and feelings that I had invested into this ministry trip.
                 Don't get me wrong— it wasn't that my concerns were not valid; research and even many of the locals have stated that women, especially young girls from Cambodia, who go to Thailand in search of a higher wage (specifically those who work in bars) are often forced into sex trafficking. One of the staff members at a rehabilitation site here who literally goes in and rescues girls from sex trafficking stated, “Many girls are told by the people who are smuggling them into Thailand that they will help them find work. But once they get them to the Thai border, they trap them in the outer provinces and force them to work as prostitutes.”  Another staffer voiced his concern that Betsy would successfully make it to Thailand and while working as a waitress, the bar owner would expect her to prostitute like most of waitresses. Also, some bar owners could even hold the fact that she is illegal against her and force her to pay him a high fee to keep her illegal status secret; which would still force her into prostitution to pay the bar owner off.  
              So with this horrific reality in mind, I brought these fears to the Lord and bawled my eyes out in anguish before him. I was overwhelmed and then felt that feeling turning into bitterness. I selfishly could not understand why Betsy would leave us when we came to help her. To be blunt I thought "Why would she endanger herself and others that she loves? Could we/I have done more to show her a greater hope in Christ with the few days we spent together?   
            Thankfully, with LOVE, God corrected me. He reminded me that despite Betsy's decision He is still in complete control!  God made known to me that He ALONE created the world. So therefore, since he is the CREATOR and we are HIS creation, who I am to question his plans and wisdom.  The fact is that there is nothing that I could ever do to reconcile or bring Betsy to Christ in the first place. Why is this?  1) It is not my place. 2) Betsy's salvation will only happen by the will of God and through the power of the Holy Spirit putting Christ into her heart!
              This humbling truth convicted me!  It showed me that subconsciously, I thought that my strength joined with Christ's strength could help the Lord to rescue these girls!  Blasphemy! Koriann Porter did not die a perfect sacrificial death on that cross 2,000 years ago and I did not resurrect my own body in 3 days!  My purpose is to be Gods vessel and servant and allow him alone to work through me.  Even with my prideful thinking he gracefully assures his daughter that he has predestined me to this appointed time by his own will for his own GLORY!!  So even in the light of knowing Betsy could go to Thailand and become trafficked, God is asking me to confide in and place my trust and joy in his will.
      After all this processing and repentance, God blessed me with me a deeper understanding of Betsy’s story (which he did not have to do). My team and I realized that because of language barriers we confused her story with others at the center.


So to be clear:
Betsy is 16 years old but she is not an only child. She has two younger siblings, one brother and one sister. Both of her parents are also living; her dad is very sick and disabled and her mom is the only one working to support all of them. Unfortunately, her family is in a lot of debt with the bank and is in danger of getting their property and their belongs taken by the bank. This is not like in America where you can file bankruptcy and you could still get by on government assistance or charities.  Most families in Cambodia in similar situations are forced to set up tents or shacks on a river front and bathe and eat out of a near by brook.           

So what do I need from you this week? 
Please pray for the safety and spiritual enlightenment of Betsy. She took her 6 year old sister and her younger niece with her to Thailand.  Fortunately, as her little brother Shotun was packing to leave with her, a staff member was able to persuade him to stay.  Since “Showtime” is staying, please pray that we can show him love and be strong spiritual sisters for him.  Also pray for his understanding of the Gospel in this situation to be clarified.  Again, God is sovereign and his will be done.


         Showtime – Betsy Brother                                                        Jee Nee -Betsy Sister

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