I’m Glad

You know, this trip was really hard for me. I think it was difficult for everyone for a variety of reasons, but man, it definitely stretched me.

However, looking back at the past three months, I have to say that I am incredibly grateful for the opportunity I had to come to Cambodia. I got to do things here that I didn’t imagine myself doing a year ago.

Things like learning a tiny bit of a language I honestly didn’t know existed and watching the sunrise above one of the Seven Wonders of the World. Or sharing the gospel with people who had never heard it before, including several Buddhist monks. Or feeding and loving people who live in an abandoned train station until the government kicks them out. Or meeting thirteen incredible women who I never would have come into contact with if not for this trip. Or getting to know our amazing translator, Seang.

Not to mention that I learned a ton about contentment in any circumstance, the power of prayer, and living like I mean it.

If I’m honest, I’ll say that I never thought I’d set foot in Asia. And if I’m honest again, I’ll say that I’m not sure I’ll set foot in Asia again. But God takes willing hearts and decides to do crazy things with them. So, no matter how tough it was, no matter how hard I had to try to understand his will, I won’t ever stop thanking God for this opportunity.

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