Immeasurable are our limits, for we call you Father

A few highlights from this past week: 

((Disclaimer: it might help if it is read like Dwight from The Office)) 

*Cambodian sunsets 
*Learning/accepting tears are beautiful 
*Praying over the streets of Cambodia
*Handing out toothbrushes to street children
*Witnessing complete joy and appreciation from said toothbrushes
*Sarah getting attacked by a monkey
*Loving on children at an orphanage
*Leaving orphanage missing a piece of my heart, because a darling girl held me tight and repeatedly told me not to forget her in Khmer. 
*Jeremiah 1:4-10
*Attempting to unclog a toilet with a toothbrush and a latex glove(with no help from the peanut gallery)
*Finding out the above was very unnecessary. There ARE actually plungers in Cambodia. 
*Shaking my head at the things I do for this team 😛 
*Letting go, and letting God (Literally) 
*Lamentations 3:21-24
*Falling deeper in love with the big man upstairs
*Realizing that He really won't give us more than we can handle 

Cambodia is changing me. The creator of the universe is changing me. Perhaps I'm not being changed at all, but  watering my garden; finally accepting His plans and finally letting go and learning to trust Him, fully

This vision of mine, my how it has changed. What a feeling when exchanging my sight for His. "He will never give us more than we can handle"– literally. I spent a good chunk of my time this week listening to stories of images that my team saw, and wishing I could have been in that particular group to witness it myself. I didn't realize that I've seen everything I've needed to this far, I've been in every situation that He has wanted me in. I've experienced everything He has wanted me to. 

My heart is pretty fragile, God knows it. He knows what my sight can handle, and He knows when I will be ready to handle it. He knows me, inside and out. If I had been in any position to see some of the things my team has already, my heart probably would have crumbled. My mind would have taken me to places it didn't belong, and I would have found myself questioning God, once again. 

He knows what we can handle. He knows what our hearts can take. I'm not saying I will never be able to handle some images, but my heart may need a little more preparation and when the time is right, He will once again remove the veil. 

He really is a good Father, huh? Come on now. I love Him. I love who I am in Him. I love that there is nothing we have to do to gain his approval. I love that He lavishes us with His grace. I love that I am His daughter. I love that each day has already been recorded in His book. I love His protection over my heart. I love His protection over my sight. I love His love. Dang. 

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