Introducing the Team!

I am sure that many of you are wondering about these brilliant ladies I call my teammates and my leaders.  I thought it might be beneficial if I told you about them.

I guess I will start with Lacey.

She is a mighty woman of God.  You would not guess that she is 18 by the authority that comes out of her when she speaks on the word of God.  She is a ton of fun and all the Cambodians think she is crazy (in the best way possible).  She tells people she’s from Haiti, but she’s not.  Her heart has just been captured by that country.  She is the first one to say we need to pray about something and she fully believes in its power.  She is kind and gentle.  She is loving.  She is fully dependent on the Lord and I am grateful for it.


Casey is so sweet, but when she opens her mouth to pray she is filled with boldness.  Casey is a person who jumps right in.  If she sees a need, she meets it.  She does not hesitate in uncomfortable situations; instead, she makes herself comfortable.  I see the light of Christ in her smile.  She has a knack for picking up the Khmer language.  She is encouraging and God is going to use her for amazing things.


Katelynn is the one who makes sure that everyone remembers her name and she will do likewise.  She is outgoing and her smile is contagious.  There is a light in her eyes that desires to feast on all the wonderful things this life has to offer.  Yet, she is so compassionate.  She absolutely loves hugs.  She fills our lives with joy.  She loves coffee.  She really wants to eats a tarantula while in Cambodia.  Her heart is to bring others closer to God.  She does not give up on them.  She is relentless in how she pursues people and reminds them to grow in Christ.  She is creative and I love how she sees the world as a place full of new adventures.


She’s someone I would describe as free spirit.  She’s willing to follow the Lord wherever he may lead even if she doesn’t know where he’s taking her.  It gives me joy to be around her.  She is not afraid to speak her mind.  Her hair can get caught on almost everything and she makes herself laugh constantly.  There’s a timeliness to her words.  They are seasoned with salt.  She knows how to encourage and how to edify, and when it is appropriate to do so.  She has a big heart and an even bigger smile.


Amber is like a spiritual rock.  She is unwavering.  She speaks and prays with confidence.  She is not afraid to tell of the amazing things that God has done in her life.  She is so funny with her perfectly timed jokes.  She is caring.  She is friendly and encouraging.  You never hear her complain.  She has wisdom and she speaks it when the time is right.  She has ears that are inclined to the Lord’s words.


She walks quietly but her presence is always vibrant and noticeable.  She is the one who has a scripture for every situation.  She has so much knowledge of the bible.  She is observant when someone needs a pat on the back or an intentional conversation.  Her favorite phrase is “that’s so cool!” which always makes me laugh.  She is servant-hearted and passionate about what God is doing in Cambodia.  She is overflowing with wisdom and slow to anger.

Our leaders are Abby and Kayla. They complement each other in amazing ways and it makes me so happy to watch them work together.  They are both gentle and humble leaders, teaching us what it means to love people and to follow God.

Abby has a warm personality.  She is inviting.  She loves taking risks like jumping off platforms into lakes.  She is sweet.  She is energetic and excited about almost everything.  For her, each new day is a new opportunity to experience God.  She thinks of the big picture and has the ability to see great things in people.

Kayla is logistical and finds pleasure in doing things that I would call tedious.  She loves the little details of things and people and God.  Her smile is so refreshing.  She loves animals.  She is observant.  She has an incredibly big heart and a nurturing spirit.  She is disciplined and consistent and obedient to what the Lord speaks.

I guess that leaves me (Haley).

They say I am joyful and childlike, that I am sweet and kind and caring.  I was told I am committed and that I work well with little kids.  I often prefer to be in the background, watching others and enjoying who God has created them to be.  I love pushing people to explore their gifts and talents and find even more ways to serve the Lord.  I love our team and that God has called each of us here, giving us unity to glorify his name.

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We Appreciate You God