Keep on shining

Throughout our weeks here so far, my team has been able to communicate the story of Jesus to this community. These people of Cambodia have become our family.  We have spent time individually explaining the relationship with God to the women and depicting who God is and why He is a God worth worshipping every day of your life.
We have also spent time with the women washing clothes in the dark in buckets, using a broomstick as a microphone singing Justin Bieber cleaning the kitchen, killing large bugs, laughing at ridiculous make up and outfits for our music video, and hiking mountains.
I want to share with you about my Friday experience.  I was given the opportunity to speak yesterday in our 6am morning bible study and also share during our night study time with the women.  Earlier this week, I felt like the Lord was calling me to do something radical with the women on Friday night.  I took that feeling from the Holy Spirit and ran with it.
I warned the women before I started, “I want you to know that I want to hit on a few topics that might be hard to talk about tonight.  I want to speak bluntly, and I want to speak boldly.  I feel close to you women, a comfortability with you girls to be real.  I hope that you don’t find my words as intrusive, but see my words as love from Christ.”
Out translator began to speak my words to the women.
I brought up topics of their captivity, physical pain and abuse, emotional hurt, sexual acts, unworthiness, shame, and guilt.  I brought an extremely uncomfortable vibe to the open room that we meet in each night.
I paused for a moment and looked at the women.  A few were looking down at the floor, some looking at me with tears in their eyes, most with guilt and shame written all over their hard faces. 
I told them to listen carefully…I told them that the blood of Christ changes everything. Absolutely everything.  The moment that you see Jesus as your father, believe He is your healer, and cry out to have a relationship with Him- this meaning of FREEDOM changes you.  They have not only been freed from chains and those who have hurt them, but they are FREE to worship a God worth shouting out for. 
I stood up tall on my chair and instructed the women and the rest of my team to do so as well.  As they began to stand, I went to turn off the nights.  My team was smirking at me because they knew where I was going with this. Haha 
As I stood on my chair, I lifted my hands and my eyes and as loud as I could I shouted these words
            I am beautiful
            I am clean
            I am worthy
            I am His
            I am FREE
I asked the women to only shout these words out if they meant it.  Right then and there, I heard the most beautiful words shouted in Khmer.
            Kngm man ped srosoat  (I am beautiful)
            Kngm ban south  (I am clean)
            Kngm mean sarok somkan nas  (I am worthy)
            Kngm chea plra peth  (I am His)
            Kngm ke mean sereypeb  (I AM FREE)
We ended the night shouting the word FREEDOM, both in Khmer and English.  I stepped down from my chair with tears in my eyes… these women I’ve been blessed to live in community with are free.



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