Learn to Love the Unexpected!

Ten unexpected things I have had to learn the hard way in Cambodia:
1.     Never use Thieves wipes as a substitute for toilet paper (for those of you who don’t know what Thieves wipes are, imagine it being like using lemon and salt on an open wound)—ouch.
2.     Don’t drink water that is deemed “safe” because it might be rain water.
3.     You WILL get razor burn if you shave with goosebumps—no stopping it.
4.     Do everything the exact opposite of what the first doctor tells you to. 
5.     No matter how much you hope or how closely the packaging resembles it, the food never actually tastes like it does in the United States.  I just have to stop hoping.
6.     You will find yourself in a situation where you forgot toilet paper but its already too late—figure it out and be prepared next time.
7.     If you stay in a hotel, don’t leave your chips or toothbrush sitting out or you will find the maids eating the chips when you return and your toothbrush will show up days later:)
8.     The internet will always go out right before your photos are about to upload after 4 hours of waiting.
9.     You’re better off not using the Khmer Dictionary as you might end up saying inappropriate words that clearly were not what you intended to say.
10.  You have to be willing to expect the unexpected.
These last few months of my life can be defined by that word: Unexpected.  In fact, I would say that nearly everything about my time in Cambodia hasn’t been anything I expected.  It’s challenging living life open and available to the unexpected—but it’s worth it.  Life would be so boring if it went exactly how I planned it and expected it to go.  So really, as much as I like to know what to expect—I’m learning to love the unexpected.  And as much as I still want to be annoyed when the unexpected happens, I recognize that there is really so much more joy in loving the unexpected.  So, to compliment the list above, the following are the joys that I have received from learning to love the unexpected:
– I have a better sense of humor—you’re really forced to.
– I meet more people and see more places.
– I’m not limited by my own expectations.
– I am learning to kill my desire for convenience.
– More opportunities present themselves that are learning and growing experiences.
– I am growing in patience.
– I just feel peace about my life—great feeling!
Ultimately, loving the unexpected is like finally recognizing that my life is not my own.  I was created to live an unexpected life.  It’s the best life to live.  I hope you find the unexpected as enjoyable as I do. 

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