Loving People Through God’s Eyes

      God has truly exceeded my expectations this week in every way possible. He has used me as a tool to show his love to the lost and less fortunate, and I am so grateful. There is a little boy, Pirome, that lives at the center my team and I teach english at every day. He is actually really good friends with Sotan. I noticed Sunday afternoon that he was looking like he was in a lot of pain, so I asked our contact if he was alright. Our contact told me he had a fever and was in extreme pain because his two front teeth had cavities in them. Most Cambodian people can't afford to take care of their teeth, let alone go to a dentist every six months. It broke my heart to see this little boy so helpless and in so much pain. God laid it on my heart to take him to the dentist, so monday morning we went. I was able to see Pirome get his first examination and his teeth cleaned for the first time in fourteen years. My team and are going to be able to financially give to Pirome so he can have all the dental work done that he needs.  

        My team and I have been thinking about different ways during the week we can bless the community and the less fortunate. One of the ideas we came up with was handing out toothbrushes. Our team split into groups of four and headed out into the city. We came across an old abandoned railroad shack. There were about twenty people living in the shack, and it was heart-wrenching. They were dressed in rags, sleeping on mats, and smelled like they hadn't showered in weeks.  With the somber look they had on their faces I knew they were trying to cling on to any glimmer of hope someone could give them. After a few minutes of interaction, giving them a toothbrush, and loving on them their expression began to change. The people who were once outcasts in their city now felt valued and loved. I know giving someone a toothbrush  seems like something so insignificant, but it truly opened up a door for God to do so much. I truly believe God used my group and I  to speak into those people's hearts and lives, and they will never be the same. It really provoked me to let God use me in any way He wants to because something so insignificant as a toothbrush can be used to change someone's life and give them a new hope like they have never known. 


      The last part of my week I was suppose to go to an orphanage, but God had a change of plans. While I was at the railroad shack, one of the other groups from my team went to a temple. They were praying for God to use them in a specific way and wanted Him to show up. As they were leaving, one of the monks said hello and they said hello back, expecting no more than to exchange a few words. The monk actually spoke english pretty well and proceeded to have a conversation with them. Everything went well and he invited them to come back the next day and he would bring his friends. When my teammates shared this story I was so excited and felt compelled to go with them. Three of my teammates and I met the monks at the temple. I wasn't sure what to expect, but I knew God had great plans. As we were sitting and talking with the monks, one of them noticed my teammate Kori's earrings were crosses and asked us if we were Christians. It completely blew me away God used an earring to change the dynamic of our conversation, giving us the opportunity of a lifetime. The monk proceeded to ask us about our beliefs, but with the language barrier it was difficult to get everything across. We used a piece of paper, so they were able to write down any questions they had about Christianity and made a date to come back the next day with our translator. The next day we sat down with our translator, and the monks were eager to see how we answered the questions they had presented us. We got through the couple of questions they asked about Christianity, but they weren't satisfied; they wanted more. Before I knew it, I was sitting in a Buddhist temple, talking with monks, telling them how you can become a Christian and have a relationship with the creator of the universe. They really seemed receptive to everything we had to say, and I am overjoyed God gave me the chance to share with these men. I don't know what steps they will make towards pursuing a relationship with God from here, but I do know I was able to be used to plant seeds into someone's life that may never have heard the gospel, and that is more than I could ever have asked for. 


     This week I was able to give so many simple acts of kindness and I am so appreciative that God used me to show His love in its purist form. I have been challenged to never limit God in the ways he wants to use me,  because I could pass up the chance to impact someone's life greatly. God has told me to me to keep going, and I will cripple the enemy's attempt at keeping the people of Cambodia in bondage. Greater things are yet to come and be done in this city. 

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