meet team cambodia: wedding picture edition

so we’re a month and a half late, but we wanted to introduce our team!

(disclaimer: definitely wrote this blog weeks ago but our wifi was never good enough to post it til now.)

better late than never, right?

anyways, we have now been to two cambodian weddings here (and are going to a third soon).

here are some pics from the first one of everyone in our $3 rental dresses from the market & our $3 hair and makeup from the asians 🙂

 and some pretty accurate descriptions of our lovely team members for your imaginations.

for more (serious) info on our lovely ladies, check out haley’s blog

and without further ado…


the genuine one. she can never keep her hair up for a whole day because her head will hurt and she doesn’t wait for others to laugh at her jokes before she laughs at herself. she’s a self proclaimed coffee snob and goes hard after growth. real and raw and vulnerable, she is a natural leader who knows just how to make everyone feel valued and special.


the conversationalist. no, really. the best conversationalist. with herself. always. haley is in a continuous conversation with herself at all times. she plays with her bellybutton on the regular and it’s name is elmira. she is the best sunscreen wearer i know, and she probably doesn’t even need it. her hair is best in its natural state, just like her personality. haley is fun, funny, and full of the joy of the lord. she is a beautiful picture of childlike faith and is such a joy to be around.


the thug. the blackest white girl you’ll meet. she is fiery and fierce and “haitionized”, as she calls it. lacey is a prayer warrior and encourager extraordinaire and wears cambodian market pajamas. always ready to jump at facing her fears, lacey is energy and and excitement that is so treasured on our team.


the artist. kate is our worship leader and calligraphy writer. she is in a serious long distance relationship donuts and she takes more pictures of her feet than anyone you’ve ever met. she loves the lord extremely beautifully, and is fearless and confident. since getting her own plastic mug at the market, making multiple cups of cambodian instant coffee is a breakfast norm. 


the southern belle. she showers twice a day, therefore being more hygienic than the whole rest of the team put together. she is wise and discerning and diligent. she wears a blue jean jacket and her favorite hobby is to exegete scripture. need i say more?


the kung fu master. she got a shot in the butt the first week here and has a secret stash of giradelli chocolate that somehow is still not gone. we are still waiting for her double black belt skills to come out. she is gentle, soft spoken, and compassionate, but also passionate, and never fails to bring fire at the pulpit.


the adorable one. also, the guy of the group. she’s gets everyone’s every references about everything in the outside world, regardless of genre or context. amber is an identity warrior, a truth speaker, and she hungers for and seeks the lord so beautifully. she is hilarious and real and is getting married in june and having pizza, donuts, and dr. pepper at her wedding.


the dog whisperer. the latino lover. kayla has all the facts and all the yoga podcasts. the mom of the group and the one to re-focus the everyone when the jokes go too far. she has great integrity, great love, and is always prepared. her love of the old testament is super righteous and she braids hair really well.

 & abby.

she loves bananas and peas and her every morning alarm is taylor swift. abby is the dad to kayla’s mom-ness, a foregoer of showers (with the rest of us), and the loudest of laughers. she is abundantly joyful, full of vision, and an insane prayer warrior. she is passionate about the cows we live with, and her love for south africa and freedom in christ is pretty much the best.


we hope you enjoyed our bios & learned a little somethin!

majority written by abby and amber 🙂 


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