News from Cambodia!

When I have questions, I really enjoy researching and digging for information, so that I can better understand whatever issue I’m looking into.  So, I did some researching! I still have a lot of digging to do, if I wanted to satisfy my professor in my Research and Statistical Analysis course—BUT I have been blessed in conversations with a few different Cambodian people.  The things that they had to say have sent my mind reeling with more questions.  But I am starting to piece together the larger picture of Cambodia from listening to the people and their stories as well as doing a little of my own research.  Maybe in the next couple of weeks, I will have gathered enough information to explain some of my questions as well as what I have discovered.  But for those of you who want a little bit of a closer look at what is happening in Cambodia, please, read on!
German Judge Resigns from Cambodia Khmer Rouge Tribunal
Four leaders of the Khmer Rouge are on trial to answer to allegations that they are responsible for the death of 1.7 million Cambodian people—nearly a quarter of the population.  The charges against them include crimes against humanity, war crimes, genocide, religious persecution, homicide and torture. The following article discusses Judge Blunk’s recent resignation for failing to conduct genuine and impartial investigations.
I also encourage you to read the following article from this past June, that explains the case in further detail.
Flooding in Cambodia  “Relief efforts are going on in Cambodia, where 17 provinces have seen flooding and 247 people have been killed due to the heavy monsoon rains.” The following article talks about the impact the flooding in Cambodia has on farmers and those residing in flooded provinces.  This year’s flood is the largest flood Cambodia has seen in over a decade.
“Orphanage Tourism” The following article discusses the efforts of Children’s Rights groups to end what is becoming known as “orphanage tourism.” “Those behind the campaign are concerned that some orphanages are thinly disguised businesses that exploit both children and tourists.”
Cambodia Bans Sending Maids to Malaysia  The prime minister of Cambodia, Hun Sen, recently signed an order banning recruiting agencies in Cambodia from sending women to Malaysia to work as maids.  These women may end up stuck with enormous debts to their agency and they may be subjected to all kinds of abuses, ranging from poor conditions to long hours, to also violent abuses, such as rape.  Unfortunately, the ban is only temporary—why they made an order meant to protect women from unfair wages, working conditions and physical abuse, I do not know.

I would love to hear the latest of what is happening in the United States and specifically in Minnesota—but any news would be great! I have limited internet time so feel free to shoot me an email or a comment with what you have been thinking about and researching yourself!