Ninjas and Prostitutes…

So here I am, yet another morning with no students of my own to speak of… and here comes Huah! Barrelling through the room and up onto the stage, watch out! The 4-year-old Cambodian NINJA MASTER! He does somersaults! He punches! He kicks and "flips"! What can't he do? When this adorable, little 4-year-old is feeling the ninja calling, he gets into it. He believes with his whole, toddler heart he has been transformed into a 9th degree black belt, Karate Master. Now, let us biblical, shall we?

This story was spoken to me during feedback just the other day and I have been pouring over it ever since. The story takes place in Luke 7: 36-50… *RECAP* Jesus is visiting in a Pharisee's house when a prostitute hears word of His arrival. She goes and finds him and immediately falls to her knees and weeps on His feet. As if that wasn't moving enough, she then starts cleaning His feet with her hair and tears. But wait! It gets better… she cracks open a bottle of the most expensive perfume and pours it over His feet. The Pharisee is taken aback and thinks to himself "This proves that Jesus is no prophet… She is a sinner!" And, so, by now, your probably wondering… WHAT HAPPENS NEXT?! Jesus turns to the Pharisee and puts him in his place. He calls the Pharisee out. The Pharisee did not offer Jesus water to wash His feet, nor did he give a kiss of greeting, and furthermore, he showed Jesus no respect by neglecting to anoint His head with olive oil (all very customary things back in day). And yet, here is this "sinner", this "immoral woman" who has opened her bottle of rare, expensive perfume and poured it over Jesus' feet! Jesus then turns to this woman and tells her, "Your faith has saved you; go in peace."

If you've been following my blogs, you remember one a couple weeks back how I faced these lies I believed about myself and how God showed me how much stronger He is than tiny, stupid Satan. And if you haven't been following me, that was where I was at a couple weeks back and you can check out the full story if you want to. Although, I know and I truly believe God has set me free from these malicious lies from the enemy, I still need to be reminded every once and a while… I mean, I AM human after all. One of my roommates shared this story with me, and ever since, it has been a passage I go to when I need encouragement. It has been, and continues to be, a passage that picks me up when the lies creep in. It is a passage that shows me without a shadow of a doubt, that God redeems, restores, and loves no matter our past. We don't have to "clean up" for Him or pretend we "have it all together"… whatever that means.

So, the question is… What's holding you back?

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