One Month Down…Say What?

                *So this post was actually written two weeks ago, but because of frequent power outages and sketchy wifi, I couldn’t post it until today. However, I still felt like I should still share :)*

                I wouldn’t really consider myself much of a writer, which explains why I haven’t blogged yet, but I figured I should catch you all up about what my life has looked like for the past month and how the Lord is working. SO, here we go. So far, life in Kampot, Cambodia has been pretty awesome. I gained 11 goofy yet awesome brothers, taught some English, baptized some new believers in the Gulf of Thailand, got force fed some durian cookies by my students (most disgusting thing you’ll ever taste,) led bible studies, attended my first Cambodian wedding, prayed over many, many people, attended a traditional funeral service, got a shot in my butt, and ate a lot of rice…I mean, A LOT of rice. Of course I left a lot out, and I chose not to share countless details, but there honestly hasn’t been a dull moment. The Lord is working here, let me tell you. He is answering prayers, saving souls, and reminding me of how awesome, powerful, and faithful He is. I’m teaching a Kindergarten and a fourth grade class, which I’ve been enjoying way more than I anticipated or expected. The Kindergarteners can be quite challenging, but what do you expect when you have 23 little balls of energy learning English for two hours from a few strange looking people that don’t speak their language? The Lord is just teaching me some patience and stretching me in ways and areas I need to grow in. My fourth graders, though. The moment I stepped into my classroom, I fell in love with every single one of them. I’m pretty positive they’re the cutest kids on the entire planet. For real. We teach them English, of course, but we get to incorporate the gospel in every single class. So please keep praying for open ears to hear the Lord’s word and soft hearts to receive what He’s telling them. God has been answering prayers, and he’s been bringing people to this ministry. He’s drawing them in to hear his word even if they don’t know how or why they’re here. He’s working, He’s moving, and I’m super excited to see what He has in store! My heart is falling more and more in love with this place and with these people every single day. Thank you all for your prayers; please don’t stop bearing the team, the ministry, the staff, and the village up before the throne! God is good. All the time.

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