petrichor of a different kind

Petrichor is the smell of rain on dry earth. While at camp, I’ve realized that I’ve experienced a different kind of petrichor in my life recently. Life has been weird and hard and while not always dry, it’s been…a hard season. And getting prepared for Cambodia has been like the coming of the rain, the preparation. My time at training has been that first rain, and after the rain has cleared you can smell the difference in the air, leaving everything clean, damp, malleable, and freshened. Thats what this week has been for me. Today, after the rainfall last night both literally and spiritually, I walked outside, though still a little sleepy, revived and ready for the downpour of whatever God is bringing for me in Cambodia.

Lesson one from training camp: Be flexible. As a list person myself, this was frustrating at first, and has now become something very freeing. I dont need to know exactly what is going on at all times. I trust my leaders, and I can wait to do and know things when they tell me.

Lesson two: I, as a woman of Christ, have the same power of the Lord in me as the men around me do.

Lesson three: Language will not be a barrier. What God wants done will be done, and however he wants that to happen. God can and will speak through me, as was spoken over me last night.

Lesson four: It’s beautiful how quickly our team is coming together. Especially after experiencing God together, there is instantly a bond formed.

Lesson five: Isaiah 58 continues to be a major theme and continuously re-confirmed in my life, and it’s so exciting and challenging!!

I am so excited for this trip with these amazing women, and cannot believe we are finally leaving tomorrow!!