Restoration in Every Nation…

Restored as ifNothingwas EverTaken

In the last few weeks, the word restoration has been ever present in my conversations with not only my team but in my conversations with God and restoration has constantly been on my mind. This word began to become engraved in my mind at training camp when our team was thinking about what God had for us in Cambodia while making a canvas for our team. One of my teammates Hailey came up with, RESTORED AS IF NOTHING WAS EVER TAKEN. That is a very powerful statement and was pretty much the “mission statement” for team Cambodia.
In the dictionary the proper definition is;

Restoration (v) to give back, return or to renew.

I’ve been thinking, how do we each individually define restoration? For some of us we could define it as restoration in our health, or some could define it as reconciliation of their family. Some could define it as restoration of their purity, their minds, relationships, and even restoration in our faith. Many don’t realize, as I didn’t prior to now that we may need restoration in all of these specific parts in our lives and we can find that easily in one person. God promises us ultimate restoration in every aspect that we need restoration and with God restoration isn’t a process. Healing may be a process, but God says he restores us and it is in that moment that we ask for forgiveness we are restored. He promised the cleansing, consecration, and the renewal of His presence through his son, Jesus.

He has given us the gift of carrying the spirit of the Lord in us in which no one will defeat us. And since we carry the spirit of the Lord in us we can do anything that God has called us to do. We can be world changers because guys, we CARRY the Holy Spirit in us, is that not amazing?! It was hard for me to take in at first. I mean how could little old me change the world? How could I go into such a dark place and be the first to share about God, Jesus, and the bible to people who have never heard who God is?

During a worship night with my team a while back God brought Isaiah 4:2-6 to my attention. In these verses it is referring to Israel’s exodus from Egypt, when the pillar cloud and of fire guided and protected them. It is pretty much showing the restoration of Israel and God’s promise of restoration for us. I read through it and immediately my mind replaced the words Zion and Jerusalem with Cambodia.

I read it like this, “ But in that day the branch of the Lord will be beautiful and glorious; the fruit of the land will be the pride and glory of all who survive in Cambodia. All who remain in Cambodia will be a holy people- those who survive the destruction of Cambodia and are recorded among the living. The Lord will wash the filth from beautiful Cambodia and cleanse Cambodia of its bloodstains wit the hot breath of fiery judgment. Then the LORD will provide shade for Cambodia and all who assemble there. He will provide a canopy of cloud during the day and smoke and flaming fire at night, covering the glorious land. It will be a shelter from daytime hear and a hiding place from storms and rain.”

I truly believe God is bringing restoration to this nation that has been so broken and dark. From the damage and genocide inflicted by the Khmer Rouge, to the horrific trafficking business, or to the large presence of poverty, this place has been through a lot and is still going through a lot. Cambodia desperately needs a God, a real true God. And now that I think about it God has brought me here to be a part in that restoration in this nation who needs God more than anything.

I think, wow Erin you are in Cambodia for 3 ½ months, not for vacation but because God called me here. Already in our first few weeks of being here amazing things have happened. I got to be part of a group who shared the gospel for the first time to some young adults who had never heard about it. I was shocked when I realized that there are still people out there who have never heard the gospel and it was honestly amazing because I knew in the moment that God was speaking through us. It was probably one of the most amazing things I have ever witnessed. While my teammate spoke, I continued to pray that God would give us the words that he wanted us to speak and not just what we thought they should know. Then I got the chance to tell them how Jesus not only died for our sins so we could be forgiven, but he rose from the dead. At that moment I felt power in my words and I felt God speaking through me.

God isn’t only putting Cambodia’s restoration on my heart.. He has also made me realize, my hometown desperately needs God too. I am so excited to see the restoration God does here but more excited to see what he will do through me upon my return home. I encourage you that if you are struggling and you are desperate to be restored then pray an honest prayer to God.
Pray God, I need and want restoration in my life. I can guarantee you that if you are honest and open to God and what he wants for you, you will find that restoration.

A few things I have learned in the last few weeks:

  • I serve a huge who God who wants to do huge things.
  • God is SO good every second of every day.
  • I can and I will be a world changer, not sure what that looks like for me yet.
  • Restoration starts with us and our personal restoration, then God has given us that restoration and we can carry that to others.
  • In a less serious note, Monks who chant and play music at 4 in the morning are not my friends.
  • Riding in Tuk Tuks instead of cars is pretty enjoyable sometimes whether that be when you almost tip over or when you are in the middle of a downpour and it stops in the street.
  • I absolutely adore my team and God is showing me his love through them!
  • After eating rice 2 meals a day 6 days a week, do not order rice at an American café because you will NEVER hear the end of it from your teammates.
  • I have learned to embrace being a foreigner and embrace the laughs we get for being so strange.

    This last week we had an awesome first week of ministry teaching English and spending time with the people of Cambodia. God is working in amazing ways here and I know he will continue to work through us!

    Falling in Love with Battambang more and more every day and more importantly falling in love with my God more and more every day.

    Love from Cambodia!

    P.S: Found a place here that has Dr.Pepper, Praise God!



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