“RESTORED as if NOTHING was taken.”


WE LEAVE TOMORROW!!! Yea! And it’s going to be the longest flight of my life, a whopping sixteen hours! Haha. Needless to say, my team and I have lots of bonding time coming up. Each of the 14 women on my team are incredible women of God, hilarious and all have hearts on fire for all of the men, women and children held bondage in sex-trafficking. We are SO EXCITED to finally get to Cambodia and start our ministry.

When we get to Cambodia we will spend two days in the capital, Phnom Pehn, and learn about Cambodia’s heartbreaking history and get a feel for what these beautiful people have gone through. Then we’ll head to our first ministry site which is a five hour bus ride away. We will be teaching and working at the Battambang Trade School with at-risk girls and girls who have been trafficked. We will teach English, sewing, cosmetology and Bible studies! Let me clarify that I will NOT be teaching sewing or makeup- have you ever seen me sew (without whining about it, at least)? No? Exactly. Haha ;). Check out the ministry's website at http://www.transformasia.us/stop_the_trade/trade-school2

We’ll be in Battambang until the middle of November at which point we will go to our second ministry site in Phnom Pehn. We get to work at an orphanage! You may be wondering, “Wait, what? I thought you were fighting against sex-trafficking.” Don’t worry, I asked the same question. But, it turns out that by loving on, teaching English and teaching the Gospel to little orphaned kids, who are at the highest risk of being sex-trafficked, we can literally save them from being trafficked. If they know English and if they know that there is a God who loves them and will provide for them, they can get good jobs and will not resort to earning a living via prostitution. So, it’s actually great that we’re working at the Trade School and at the orphanage because we will get to fight against sex-trafficking head on by both aiding in the healing of already trafficked girls and by also preventing other precious children from being trafficked!

My team and I are STOKED to see how God will work in us and through us. We are ready to see ourselves and those we minister to be “RESTORED as if NOTHING was taken.” This is our mantra. And we believe that this really can happen! God really can restore our lives back to goodness. God really can give us a completely new life. God really does forgive everything we’ve ever done. God really does love us and really does want a loving relationship with us.

*Pray for us to be able to get to Cambodia smoothly.
*Pray for our team to continue to bond and be fully united in the Gospel.
*Pray for the Lord to make fertile ground in the hearts of all the Cambodians we will minister to. We want to see the seed of the Gospel planted in their lives, for it to take root and for it to grow into salvation and bloom into full restoration!
*Pray for the Spirit to overflow in each of our hearts and life so that the Spirit will just naturally pour out onto those around us!

Thank you for your support and prayers. Keep em’ coming please! I’ll be able to blog about every week so…stay tuned! 🙂

Much love!

Peace in Christ-

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