Rice, Roaches, & Song Writing

First of all let me start off by saying I have learned there is NOTHING, and I mean, nothing, quite as satisfying as killing a mosquito.  Allow me to describe (in detail) a nightly occurrence that brings great joy and satisfaction to all on my team. There you are lying in bed—Needtobreathe playing in your earphones, sweat covering your body—and then you see it.  The taunting mosquito dancing dramatically inside your mosquito netted bed.  You formulate a plan.  Slowly you entice the satan bug by raising your foot closer to its hovering wings. Closer and closer until it becomes completely distracted by the dirty sweaty flesh that has appeared.  And then, creepily and dramatically you rush into a sudden movement, smashing the arch enemy into obliteration between two confident hands.  Victory is won. At last you close your eyes to sleep…until you once again sense movement—mosquito #1’s favorite second cousin has arrived, circling your left arm for revenge.

With that ridiculous little dramatization as an intro paragraph, now let me start off by saying that I am, slowly and surely, gradually and completely, falling in love with the country of Cambodia.  Every day brings a new interaction or adventure that heightens my adoration for the people and lifestyle here.  And with this growing affection my yearning for these new friends to know and be consumed by the love of God swells.  And it is happening.  The Lord is moving in incredible and mighty ways. Curiosity about a Savior who loves and forgives unconditionally is growing inside these women and children.  Stories are being shared, questions are being asked, and Love is winning. Twice each day my team leads a devotion (first thing in the morning and then right before we all go to bed).  It has been amazing being able to share freely and vulnerably with these women—drawing from our past experiences and then teaching the truths from God’s Word.  And then after devotions we pray.  This has becomes one of my favorite parts of each day. I have no idea what they are speaking in Khmer, but I can feel their hearts—the yearning of their souls and the earnest cries as they lift their voices to our Maker.  It never ceases to give me chills. 

In regards to the title of this blog (I really just tried to come up with something catchy so you would want to read it).  But nevertheless, those three subjects (rice, roaches, and song writing) have been predominant this past week; so it seemed fitting.  Rice is the one constant in our lives. Even if waters rise, volcanoes erupt, and elephants stampede, there will without fail be rice for breakfast, lunch, and dinner.  Praise the Lord for consistency!  And filling food. 

I refer to roaches simply because this country is full of some ridiculously large and cool looking ones.  Every night we “sweep out” all that have gathered in our space so we can sleep in peace…but never underestimate the power of a roach with wings!

Lastly, a couple days ago I wrote my first song about our time here.  It was such a beautiful feeling of release to be able to process all of the thoughts and emotions that have been stirred in my heart by putting them into a song that will hopefully someday minister to someone in some way.  I am so thankful for how the Lord has given me a “music outlet” and a way to work through the new experiences I am encountering.  I hope to upload a video of it next time we have internet.  Thank you for the support and prayers.  Time is flying by here—it’s crazy.

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