Seeing the world through God’s eyes…:)

This  week God has given me a heart for everything we do. I can honestly say I have finally completely immersed myself in the ministry we're involved in and it has been more than I could have asked for. I went from wanting to leave from day one to loving every bit of ministry we have been involved in. I find it so humorous that I'm not someone who really has a heart to be involved with children but being around the kids and teaching them English is what I look forward to most during the week. I have never been happier being around children because I know I am being used by God to help better and invest in each one of their lives. It has honestly been one of the most fulfilling things and has helped me make it through the days I am struggling in. I love all of the kids in my class but Sotan is actually taking my class so it would be safe to say he's teachers pet. He is so incredibly smart and has put me in my place this week when I asked him a simple question in English letting me know he "knows English very well thank you", implying he didn't need to answer my simple question. God has used this little boy to really bless me in so many ways and we have formed such a close bond. I know I am truly seeing these children through God's eyes and not my own. I know God is going to use me to speak into these children's lives in so many ways while I'm here and I'm so grateful. I am so glad I have been seeking God to have more of his heart because he has completely changed mine through it. God truly does know what is best for us even if it something that we could never see ourselves being involved with or loving. 

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