September 11, 2011

This was written on 9/11/11… This is the first day since that I have had internet.

This day is a day to remember, and a day to honor. Remember the men and women and children that became victim to this infamous day, and remember the heroes… the firemen, the rescue teams, the police, and the countless volunteers who responded on this fateful day 10 years ago. Honor those who live on after the attack, and honor those whose lives were lost because of this. But also remember us. The team of 14 amazing young women God set forth to travel to Cambodia to fight the army of lies and injustice the enemy has placed before us.

Tonight, our team met to sing praise and worship the Lord as one body, as one church. As I recalled what day it was, I felt God moving me toward the 9th book of the Bible (1 Samuel) and to the 11th chapter (Saul defeats the Ammonites). Just a little refresher on the story: King Nahash of Ammon has waged a war against the people of the Israelite-city of Jabesh. The people of this city cried out for peace and for a treaty. King Nahash agreed, but on the term that he would gouge out one of each citizens' eye (anger issues, much?) unless they were saved within seven days. God placed this news before Saul, and he quickly gathered an army to save the people of the city. Using the army God put before him, Saul launched an attack that scattered the king's army and drove them far from the city. Saul became king, and they praised and gave thanks to the Lord.

The enemy, full of injustice and lies, has a hold on the people of Cambodia and only an army centered around God can prevail. God has chosen us to be His army, to be the light that scatters darkness in fear. Please continue to pray that we can be this light. That we would submit and listen to what God has in store for us and the people of Cambodia. Also, please pray for the countless friends and families who were forever changed on this infamous day 10 years ago.

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