Small but Significant

This week in the village of Po Peyl seemed to happen so fast. Each day felt like weeks, but the week as a whole felt like a day.

The days are slow and not filled to the brim with this activity or that thing to do. There is a lot of time for reflection. A lot of time to sit and soak and be still in the Lord.

In my reflection the Lord has shown me how important it is for us to pursue God. This trip has been no ‘mountain top’ experience. Quite the opposite really. But it has taught me that even in said ‘valleys’ the Lord is worth praising. He is teaching me in so many small but also very significant ways on this trip. I’m learning how to live in His presence on a moment to moment basis.

Apart from my my reflection, the ministry we are working with just gets sweeter and sweeter. With each new day we make closer bonds and build tighter relationships with the people here. Since it was our second week the children now know our names and hold our hands and hug us all the time. Playing with the little ones and chasing each other till we run out of energy is always a highlight of my day.
Deb and Rodger, the couple running the ministry, are so inspiring in their faith. They truly live in the Lords presence on a moment to moment basis. They are such a wonderful example of what it looks like to run hard after God.

I see and know now why the Lord brought me to Cambodia. He didn’t bring me to have this life-altering big moment. He brought me here to teach me things I might not have learned had I been home.

Also praise Jesus for the team He has placed me in. I could not be more thankful for this random group of girls. They are loving me so well. They help and encourage me to grow closer with God every day.

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