So along Battambang….

    The last ten weeks have gone by so incredibly fast in Battambang.This week was our last week there, and it has impacted me so greatly and put the plan God had for us in such a clear perspective. God had a plan for my team and I to love on the city and show the people the love of Christ without expecting anything in return, and we did just that. 


      God has taught me so many wonderful things on this trip from learning how to trust him completely, listening to his voice, stepping out of my contort zone, and allowing myself to be completely pliable so that he can use me in the mighty way he desires. It has been completely uncomfortable every step of the way, and sometimes I thought I wasn't going to make it, but I know all the things He has made me walk through on this trip have caused me to be in the amazing place I'm at. I am closer to him than I have ever been and I trust Him more then I ever have. I am so grateful He brought my team and I here. God has truly given me his eyes. A love for humanity like I have never known, arms for the broken hearted that are far beyond my reach, and heart for those who are forgotten. I really believe God brought my team and I to Battambang to love on the people, and I am so grateful he used all 14 of my teammates to do that. I have been able to establish close relationships with everyone I encountered and I feel so blessed. I know God brought us here to love the people and bless them, but I feel like I have been just as much or more blessed. This week I was able to get a glimpse of the impact we had truly made on the Cambodian people. As tears began to fill their eyes when we said goodbye, I knew we completed what God truly wanted. Even with a language barrier we were able to communicate God's love in such a great way. I will miss each and everyone of the people I was able to come in contact with and I pray I impacted their lives as greatly as they impacted mine. I am so thankful for the opportunity God gave me here, and I feel so blessed. I have so many memories that I will cherish and treasure for a lifetime. 

  Thank you so much for all of your support. All of you have invested in me and had a hand in everything God has used me to do in the last two and a half months. It means more than you will ever know so thank you so much from the bottom of my heart. Please keep praying for my team and I as God uses us in Phnom Penh this last month we're in Cambodia. Pray we take advantage of every opportunity He gives us, that we listen to His voice and rely on Him for everything, and that we grow in every area He wants us to. I know He has so many great plans for us and I am overjoyed I am able to experience and share this journey with all of you. 

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