& so it is.

My feet have reached a new surface. Slowly but surely I have become well aquainted with the deep orange of Georgia's saturated soil. There is a consistant pressing on every part of my body from the thick air & heat surrounding us. Our first night we slept on the floor of a shelter welcoming in the change that we can no longer delay.

Our lives will be changed. When we return home we will be different people. It is a constant thought on my mind to remember what one of our leaders has said to us….

We will come home with different eyes. Behind them will be responsibility for the things we have seen.

This thought is one that pleases my heart and accelorates me forward in this pursuit of truth and justice we call "mission work". We can no longer turn away from the wounds of our world pretending they don't exist. Myself and 70 other college age students will be scattered to the places around the world that God has set us in motion towards. We can be the start of a reborn generation. We will be forced to look outside our image of what we think injustice looks like and swallow down just how awful it really is.

Tomorrow I leave training camp and step into another country. Already I have been challenged by God's truth in an interesting mixture of ways. I can only image how strong his shaking will be once I arrive and face the world and culture of a people who are still in the midst of slowly standing up after being crushed.

So I will say goodbye to you.
Goodbye monotoney.
Goodbye Apathy.
You have no place here.


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