Street Children

First off— God is amazing. I know that this simple truth gets turned into a watered down expression many times, but it doesn’t change the fact that he still is amazing.

Our team is very close knit, and we are beginning to see each other gain freedom in our own lives by living tightly together in a community of 14 women who passionately love Jesus and desperately desire to live in his will. Everyday we are encouraged to walk in our individual spiritual giftings, and everyday we set aside time to call out the truth in each other and speak life into one another. This daily process has woven this team tightly in unity, and already we have seen chains broken, freedom claimed, and lives restored. We’re living in a community of women as God intended community to be, and it really is a beautiful thing.

This week our team began teaching classes at TransformAsia, and I am blown away at how quickly these young ladies and gentlemen are learning what we are teaching them. English is an extremely difficult language to learn if it’s not your native tongue, but the students are catching on incredibly well. We teach morning and afternoon English classes and Bible studies, and these beautiful people are just so receptive and eager to learn. They are open to the Gospel and have plenty of questions regarding the scripture. This is so encouraging and really lets us know that we are making a difference. We are forming close bonds with the many girls and few boys staying at the TransformAsia center, and I’m discovering that Love really has no language barrier.

In the coming weeks, on top of the classes we already teach, we will also be starting to do a street children’s program on Thursday and Friday afternoons. Our contact took us out on Thursday to show us what we would be doing, and honestly, it shocked me. These orphaned and abandoned children live in a small, cracked, concrete building, surrounded by piles of wet garbage. This has become a “shelter”, and the children sleep on the floor there. Sometimes they have to sleep outside on the sidewalk or under a bridge because the shelter floods when in rains. Seeing this place and hearing the story behind these children broke my heart. When we left, I walked back to the TransformAsia center in tears after seeing firsthand how these children suffer everyday. We will be going to this place in the slums of the city and picking up poor children and taking them back to the center to feed and bathe them, give them clean clothes to wear, and wash their dirty clothes. I am both humbled and honored to be able to serve in this way. I know this experience will bring brokenness with it, but we have been called to be broken for the cause of Christ and to be moved with compassion for the least of these.

I am just in awe of how God is working in us and through us so far in Battambang, Cambodia, and I am realizing once again how truly amazing and good God is. He is so good, and his Love is an undeniable reflection of his goodness.


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