The missing piece

Welp, this is a post that seems surreal to write.  This is my last blog post!  So in the spirit of lasts…here are the some things that I will have my 'last' of this week that I will miss:

– Having the time to have extremely lengthy times in the Word
– Wandring through streets exploring
– Fresh, sweet pineapple and mango
– Eating lunch and dinner at one long table with my team
– The kids I built relationships with at the orphanage
– That I can afford things in Cambodia
– Conversations with my friend who works at a bar/club 
– Tuk-tuk rides
– Prawn flavored crackers
– Continuing to learn life lessons in a foreign context
– Being able to walk through the areas I pray over
– That it was acceptable for me to wear a do-rag in public 🙂

Here are a few things I am thankful to have my last of this week:
– Air pollution
– Always feeling dirty
– Smells. Smells smells smells of sewage and other unexplainables.
– Rice
– The cultural acceptability of loudness and smacking each other around
– Having to Skype my fiancé
– Seeing headless cows hanging on a spit on the roadside

My three and a half months here have been siginificant for me in the ways that God has refined me, the things He's taught me to treasure more, and in what He has allowed me to see that I will carry with me forever.  I know that my experience in Cambodia will be in my heart on a daily basis.  What I don't know yet is the action that I will take to continue responding to the needs I see here.

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