The Sweetness of the Mornings

I love these mornings.

I love how easy it’s become to wake up at (or before) 6 AM.

I love the sounds of all the roosters and crickets and lizards and birds.

I love the coolness of the air, the orange glow of the sun that quickly rises above the palm trees and creates a cotton candy aura in the clouds.

I love my cup of coffee that comes from a powder mix.

I love all the sleepy-eyed entrances as I’m sitting at the table, the mumbled good mornings and crazy bedhead hair-dos.

I love the tuk tuk rides to the market when it’s my day, the only time I ever get just a little bit cold because of the wind. And oh that wind! When I get to close my eyes and feel it rush against my face, whispering thank you’s to my Father.

I love the struggle to decide what to get for breakfast, though the options are limited and always the same and the waffle lady never has waffles ready.

I love the encounters with the pancake lady who told us she’s a Christian.

I love watching To feed the chickens while the little chicks scurry after their momma.

I love watching the daily routine of two grown men who spoon on a twin-sized mattress in a hammock hut every night and wake up, return the mattress, and go about their morning.

I love my morning talks with Lacey.

I love seeing all the students show up for morning classes – the playful shouts and conversations in another language.

I love watching GG and BB (our two puppies) wrestle and play, terrorizing the chickens, and I love the moments when they just lay next to each other, looking way too cute to handle.

I love breakfast and the ways we try to spice up our bananas and rice pancakes with nutella and cinnamon.

I love our weird conversations and our preparation for the day.

I love the simplicity of it all, the relaxed-ness, the rawness.

Most of all, I love how easy it is to see and feel the Lord all around me. I love my sweet quiet time with Him and I am sure that there is no better way to start the day.

These… these are just a few of the things I will miss about this place.

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