The Village

My first week in the village was filled with so much joy. Joy that simply radiated off of smiling Cambodian children. They have so little but are more content than those that have so much.

My first week in the village was filled with lots of weakness. I got sick on Tuesday and had to go to the clinic to receive medicine. In my depleting physical strength I found it hard to stay mentally and spiritually strong.

My first week in the village was filled with lessons that the Lord had brought me here to learn. Some of those being intentionality and true surrender of self.

My first week in the village wasn’t quite what I thought it would be, but it is everything I needed…

The Lord is using this ministry in incredible ways. Life and Light, the name of our hosts ministry in Po Peyl, has been used to build a relationship among all in the village. They are in the business of making disciples, of growing them and teaching them in the ways of the Lord. Although small they are filled with Gods presence and boast in nothing of their own but in Christ and Christ alone.
I have a lot more to learn in the weeks to come. So please pray for my team and our continued strength. That the Lord would move in us and shine His light through us.

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