And so it begins! My being is a blend of emotion-gratitude most prominent. I signed up for this journey knowing a change would be made. A change not only in the lives of the girls we will be reaching, but a change in myself. That change has began to take place!

Training camp is nothing as I expected; I had no idea we would be walking the streets of Atlanta, looking for stories to be shared, no idea we'd have a dance off between teams (so fun), and no idea there would be a surrender hike, giving us opportunity to release that which was holding us back. I honestly had no idea what to expect. All that we've done thus far has brought me closer into the arms of my Daddy…

My ears are no longer turned off to hearing what He says I am. My eyes will no longer compare themselves to what they see. No longer will my tongue speak lies and death over myself, for I am BEAUTIFULLY and WONDERFULLY made in HIS image!! I am HIS beloved, HIS babygirl. I am loved by the CREATOR of the universe!!!!!. What a feeling! What Joy!!!

I am so grateful to call Him Father. I am honored to be apart of this amazing team of women, a team that has a heart for these girls. These next months are going to be something fierce!! I'm ready to let go of what Kerina expects and embrace all that God has; ready for transformation, ready for restoration, ready for chains to be broken. Ready to fly!

Marjorie Thompson said, "The caterpillar must yield up the life it knows and submit to the mystery of interior transformation. It emerges from the process transfigured, with wings that give it freedom to fly… A rule of life gives us a way to enter into the lifelong process of personal transformation. Its disiciplines help us to shed the familiar but constricting 'old self' and allow our 'new self' in Christ to be formed-the true self that is naturally attracted to the light of God." 

I'm excited!!!!!

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