Due to the Cambodian holiday this past week, we had to put a slight pause on our ministry, which provided some intense downtime. We were able go to an orphanage called the RAPHA house, where 60 -100 girls ranging from 7 to 15 in age, are rescued from sex-trafficking. Not only is a shelter and food provided for these girls, but they are able to attend English classes, learn a specific trade and speak with a counselor whenever the need arises. The young women are allowed to stay at the center for up to two years; at the two year mark they are sent into a halfway home, where they can stay for another two years. It is literally a 4 to 6 year process ensuring the protection of these girls. After they are ready to leave the halfway home, RAPHA provides the resources that enable the girls to start a new life. I was blown away with the entire organization, truly warmed my heart to see a Cambodian man with the heart that broke for these young girls enough to do all that he has. Inspiring. 

Having the opportunity to have visited RAPHA was absolutely thrilling. It encouraged myself and the team to pour everything we have into TransformAsia; planting these seeds is quite encouraging knowing there is the hope that one day it too, can have the likeness of RAPHA. God has positioned us right where we need to be, and there WILL BE great harvest. 

On a side note, this week the team committed to 24 hour prayer. WOW. I seriously cannot stress how much I adore these girls and the love for our Daddy. We are believing BIG; trusting that greater things are yet to fill the streets of Cambodia, greater things are yet to be witnessed. I encourage you to join us in prayer for the restoration of lives; speaking life over Cambodia. We serve a BIG God that is able to do more than we can ever imagine. 


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