Twinkle Twinkle, Little Waltzer!

A short story from ministry:

This afternoon was such a blast.  Our contact Sothea was busy setting up sound tech equipment for a big show they’re having on Monday night (and guess which lovely group of Americans is doing a drama!), and the girls were either rehearsing their dances or in class most of the day.  So, I spend most of the day with two 8 year old boys Mung and Lee, and Chotan who is 13.  Chotan is such a delight to me.  I’ll post a picture of him and another delightful little guy Perron.  

I taught Chotan how to play Twinkle Twinkle on the keyboard today, and he’s going to be coming to my music class!  A few of the other kids stood around in wonder as this lesson was happening, and before long all 4 of had a turn on the piano bench as I taught them fingers 1-5, taught them the melody slowly by ear, and sang the finger numbers as I tapped their knuckle of the appropriate finger to guide them until they could do it on their own with just me singing out finger numbers. 
There’s an elaborately accompanied version of Twinkle Twinkle as a demo song on the keyboard that they played the melody along with.  After 25 times of hearing it, I needed a little break from the center of the action, so I grabbed Lee and Mung and pretended to be a ballerina.  I twirled in my skirt, with my arms rounded above my head, tip-toed across the floor gracefully, and then did arabesques.  I turned around only to find them copying my every move.  So, the two little boys and I did ballet all around the room to Twinkle Twinkle as they giggled wildly.  Chotan stepped away from the keyboard too, and I taught him how to Waltz (thanks ballroom class!), and then held Lee in my arms while we danced ballroom style around the room.  There was also lots of throwing them around, holding Lee superman style and sprinting across the room, whispering phrases into Chotan’s ear when he was testing the mic levels for the sound guys that would make my team mates laugh (like, “Mic check! 1,2,3!” and “Courtney, I love you!!”, “Katie, I love you!”). 

I loved every tiny bit of this day.  I experienced so much energy and life and joy!  I don’t’ think I’ve felt that much joy from ministry since being here.  I felt a sensitivity to teh Spirit and the abundance of Christ's love for us.  Oh my gosh, I am so so blessed to live this life!

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