Week 8.

Week 8.
Looking back on this week there are so many points to which my mind can send off towards. I was allowed to experience some of the moments that have defined themselves as the most powerful in my life thus far. My heart raced forward as my eyes poured over some of the most beautiful people I’ve met. God’s true masterpiece is the human race. He made so many variations of characteristics and personalities in each individual. It is a breathtaking moment when we meet someone who comes from a different world than us. Different live, culture, foods, smells even skin color… all of these things form into one swirling moment entering in through our senses forever imprinting into our memory banks.

We ambled down a tiny path lined with trash and murky water, into an area I’d never even caught a glimpse of before. Stepping into tall abandoned train station buildings we met a collection of people who were inside. They explained to us that they had lived here in the old abandoned train station for about 5 years but that the buildings were still owned by the government. Meaning that during any moment they were at risk to lose what shelter they had here. Small children ran in and out between our feet smiling and echoing hello over and over to hear our voices. Young boys lay asleep on a rice bag unaware of the flies covering their bodies as they rest.

Our interactions were brief but my heart became wrapped up in them.

This week was a week of deep thoughts and long moments of silence waiting on the Lord to guide me.
& he did each time.

I am thankful for these images and these hearts.
I will never forget them.

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